Eco Decking in Singapore. New Trend to Re-Appreciate Nature

More homeowners today have put in much emphasis on building beautiful decks in their outdoor balcony. Due to limited living spaces in new estates, modern homeowners are beginning to look for ways to design their homes uniquely from their neighbours. Thus, having an eco-friendly landscape corner inside an HDB flat or condominium has become a […]

Common Decking Problems and The Reasons Behind

Understanding the reason of your decking woes is critical as it helps you decide what actions you should take to rectify the problem. And it’s even more important to understand it before your purchase so you know which type of decking to avoid and what are the possible consequences. From there, you will know the […]

How Is Stone Vinyl 5 Times More Cost-Effective Than The Real Ones?

Stone flooring is undoubtedly a rising choice for decorating the floors as it has a rustic charm, is subtle and bring long-lasting beauty to a home. However, this type of flooring could have some drawbacks due to its natural imperfections. Here are the 5 hidden costs that would occur if you go for a real stone […]

How is Marble Vinyl 5 Times Cheaper Than The Real Ones?

Marble is always admired by beauty-loving human since ancient times. It has the “Got Face” glamour that makes any place looks instantly opulent. However, is it ever worth splurging on fancy marble flooring? Are there any better alternatives? At the end of the day, it’s all about cost. These are the 5 cost comparisons between […]

How to Prevent Being Fraud by Dishonest Flooring Company

Prevention is always much safer and less of a hassle than restitution. When the fraud has already happened, things will become more complicated and there is no way to be sure that you will see the justice you deserve being implemented. With more than 400 flooring players in Singapore alone, it is even harder to […]

All About Versatility: evoDECK Can Be Used At These Places Too!

Did you know that our evoDECK is very versatile and can be used for multiple applications other than dressing up your balcony? Let’s look at some of the new ways of how we reimagine evoDECK here! Viewing PlatformsFor viewing platforms that are directly exposed to outdoors and receive high human traffic, evoDECK makes a perfect solution as […]

EVORICH Flooring’s “Vinyl Hospital” (II): Health Check For Your Health

As we have featured in last week’s article, we are also functioning as a “Vinyl Hospital” consisting of a team of professionals who will help you inspect, diagnose and check your failing vinyl floors for FREE. Today, we would like to elaborate more on that concept of what it means to be a true “Vinyl […]