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How Is Stone Vinyl 5 Times More Cost-Effective Than The Real Ones?

May 16, 2020
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How Is Stone Vinyl 5 Times More Cost-Effective Than The Real Ones?

Stone flooring is undoubtedly a rising choice for decorating the floors as it has a rustic charm, is subtle and bring long-lasting beauty to a home. However, this type of flooring could have some drawbacks due to its natural imperfections.

Here are the 5 hidden costs that would occur if you go for a real stone flooring:

    1. Monetary Cost
      For starters, stones that are suitable for flooring is a pricey purchase. The costs can sometimes run higher than your budget allows during the entire process, including the price for the stone itself, labour of installation, sealant agent, and regular polishing fee for maintenance.

    2. Comfortability Cost
      Real stone flooring lacks a sense of warmth and a comfortable feel. It may make legs and feet weary, and is cold to the touch during chilly or rainy weathers. It’s best to avoid it if you don’t want to have potential feet and leg ailments.

    3. Hygiene Cost
      The textured, porous nature of stone floors makes it easy for grit and grime to settle in. If you don’t have a sealant layer or if it’s too thin, it could even seep through the top layer to your concrete floor. With germs lurking around underneath, you are actually risking you and your family’s health.

    4. Time Cost
      Maintenance for stone flooring can be time-intensive, especially if unsealed. The cumbersome process involving laying, grinding and polishing will be extremely time-consuming when you compare it to the laying of vinyl floors, which saves a lot of time.

    5. Health Cost
      Stone’s sturdiness can be a plus, but it also makes falling more dangerous. Children and elderlies with fragile bones will be at risk with real stone flooring at home, especially when the floor gets wet. It will become even more slippery and unsafe for them.

    Evo HERF – Gigantic Stone series faithfully recreated the realistic look of natural stone flooring through advanced digital print technology and embossing techniques. These tiles offer water-resistance & slip-resistance features, durability, ease of maintenance, and less difficulty in installation. Another benefit of stone-look vinyl is that the preacclimation prior to installing will not take long, and it’s safe to walk on immediately post-install.

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