How is Marble Vinyl 5 Times Cheaper Than The Real Ones?

Marble is always admired by beauty-loving human since ancient times. It has the “Got Face” glamour that makes any place looks instantly opulent. However, is it ever worth splurging on fancy marble flooring? Are there any better alternatives?

At the end of the day, it’s all about cost. These are the 5 cost comparisons between marble-look vinyl floor and the real marble, and why the former is 5 times cheaper!

Material Cost
The high-priced marble is probably the first downside that makes most people change their minds. Since it is a natural material, not only is it harder to source, but also needs to go through a longer manufacturing process before it could be used in household or commercial settings. Other factors such as marble grade, size, thickness structure, and type of finishing can also add to its pricing.

Installation Cost
Not only are marble tiles expensive, but they are also costly to install. It is very difficult to install marble flooring all by yourself, so DIY is not an option. Unlike other flooring options such as vinyl floor, you need to hire someone very professional to do a good job. And proficiency often translates to higher labour cost.

Subfloor Removal Cost
Extra cost on removing the subfloor. If there are any existing floors, it will need to be removed. In fact, you need to prepare a cement board underlayment to provide a sturdy and moisture-resistant base for the heavy marble tiles to be installed. In some cases, a weak subfloor may require repair or replacement in order to hold the marble tiles in position.

Replacement Cost
A cracked or broken marble tile cannot be immediately repaired and it is harder to get the same immaculate look. It could cost a lot of time, effort and money to scout for replacements due to its natural, unparalleled grain patterns. Replacing other floor options such as vinyl is easy and fast while replacing marble is troublesome, dusty and long. Plus, you will run the risk of damaging adjacent marble tiles.

Upkeeping/Maintaining Cost
Due to its porous nature, no acidic liquid should be spilt on marble as it could cause permanent stains and marks. You will also need a sealant layer to form a protective coat on top of it, which adds to the cost. What’s more, marble tiles need to be regularly polished around every 1-2 years because even quality sealant layer will wear out over time.

Apart from that, cleaning products should be carefully selected in order to clean marble since chlorine, a type of chemical element that can immediately ruin marble, is contained in most cleaning detergents.

Couldn’t give up the marble look but still want the practicality and high functionality of vinyl? Have them both in one plank! Evo HERF – Grand Marble series by EVORICH Flooring is a type of vinyl floor with marble design. Our marble vinyl is made with quality virgin vinyl pulps, eco-friendly, no need to add another polish layer, can be installed directly in any even subfloor, easier to maintain, etc. It will help you save cost in every way!

At EVORICH, you don’t need to compromise because we are always ahead of time to give you the widest and innovative floor options ever. Set the attitude towards life right by choosing us today:

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