Eco Decking in Singapore. New Trend to Re-Appreciate Nature

More homeowners today have put in much emphasis on building beautiful decks in their outdoor balcony. Due to limited living spaces in new estates, modern homeowners are beginning to look for ways to design their homes uniquely from their neighbours. Thus, having an eco-friendly landscape corner inside an HDB flat or condominium has become a trend.

As society evolves more into becoming a “concrete jungle” and the level of stress grows exponentially among working adults, appreciation of nature among the citizens has, therefore, gradually seen as decreasing. Gone are the good old days in kampung whereby every single household or community has their own garden of trees and fruits in their homes. Having a natural green garden in the home today seems very much far-fetched for many homeowners who stay in high-rise apartments & flats.

As most of us do not live in homes where nature is within our reach, therefore, the more we long for nature to be a part of our homes. But is it true that there is no way we could appreciate nature at all in our own home? Yes, there is…with evoDECK!

Natural wood look = Experience that is closest to nature
evoDECK adds a realistic wood appearance to residential and commercial properties, as it faithfully captures the beauty of real wood but with absolutely no wood content. In doing so, we aren’t cutting down real wood to give you a wood-look deck.

Eco-friendly materials
evoDECK is made of 95% recycled materials such as clear plastic bottles and reclaimed wood fibres, which will put tons of plastic waste into better use. Its capped composite material will also keep you and your family away from harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly manufacturing process
evoDECK is produced through eco-friendly manufacturing methods; not causing any stress to the environment as well as reducing harm to the ecosystem. It has been assessed by Singapore Green Building Product and has been rewarded the rating of “Very Good”.

Plus, you could add a little green wall by our partner Teak & Barrel to recreate that natural touch. It’s a great way to adorn your balcony.

People now are more environmentally conscious about things around them. They are well informed and aware that the global environmental situation places a “domino effect” on the well-being of their future generation. Hence, the use of eco-friendly & healthy building materials such as flooring & outdoor decking, and eco habits such as recycling & renewing, have thus seen an increase. Building developers and authorities today have also seen the need for green buildings in the society.

In time to come, we can eventually see what we can call it “Nature Re-Appreciation @ Concrete Homes” among young homeowners in developed countries all over the world. Still, one thing that will remain unchanged will be the increasing numbers of high-rise buildings and architectures around us. However, the cultivation of eco-living lifestyle will increase exponentially as well.

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