Common Decking Problems and The Reasons Behind

Understanding the reason of your decking woes is critical as it helps you decide what actions you should take to rectify the problem. And it’s even more important to understand it before your purchase so you know which type of decking to avoid and what are the possible consequences. From there, you will know the right questions to ask your decking dealers.

Let’s look at some of the common deck defects and the reason why such problems occur!

Splintering is usually the result of neglect. It normally happens when a deck remains untreated and unsealed after years of usage. Without proper protection, water will soak into the boards and eventually causing the deck to splinter.

Once a deck starts to rot, the stability of the entire structure can be compromised. Rotting can happen due to a lot of reasons, which include the deck being untreated, rotting debris stuck between the boards resulting in the growth of fungus and bacteria, standing water leading to water damage, termites/pest infestation, and weather-related issues.

Cracking happens when moisture from rain or spilt liquids penetrate the deck. It will cause expansion and when the deck dries up with a warmer climate, it will contract. Such expansion and shrinkage cycles will cause long cracks to form along the length of the boards, and end up ruining the appearance of the deck.

The most common cause of splitting is due to the incorrect use of the material. If the deck is installed without being dried or finished correctly, too much moisture might remain. It needs to be dried to certain moisture content to stay dimensionally stable. Splitting is also likely to occur when the deck is not properly maintained.

There are many different materials in the market now for your decking, be it natural wood, composite wood, stone balcony flooring or artificial turf. The options are many and varied. But only the right choice can extend the lifespan of your deck considerably.

Introducing evoDECK!
evoDECK is the balcony material that works best for your outdoor alfresco area. Why so? Because it is a high slip resistance decking that is both safe and good to look at. It comes with a strong aluminium structure and is made to take heavy loads. evoDECK is lighter than wood, not susceptible to rotting or attracting bacteria.

This innovative decking is brilliant for balconies, patios, boardwalks, viewing platforms, and even swimming pool sides! It is tough enough to withstand outdoor weather and is very easy to maintain so it will not burn a hole in your pocket due to recurring maintenance.

And most important of all, the risk of the problems mentioned above are minimised to the least due to its inarguable quality and zero wood contents.

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