How to Prevent Being Fraud by Dishonest Flooring Company

Prevention is always much safer and less of a hassle than restitution. When the fraud has already happened, things will become more complicated and there is no way to be sure that you will see the justice you deserve being implemented. With more than 400 flooring players in Singapore alone, it is even harder to identify ethical flooring companies.

Here are some practical tips to help you stay a step ahead and be more alert to potential scams. Follow some of our advice here so you could spot the signs immediately and avoid falling victim to fraudsters!

  1. Conduct Online Searches & Compare
    As search engines are becoming more and more advanced nowadays, it shouldn’t be hard to search company info online and compare each flooring company’s reputation or past works to determine its credibility.
  2. Read Reviews
    The experience and words of other homeowners like you could serve as a guide when you are choosing the right flooring company. Although the highest-ranked floor company online cannot be taken as a whole for judgement, it is definitely one of the factors worth considering as a reference to help you make your decision.
  3. Make Sure You Understand Their Payment Method
    Ask every detail carefully before rushing into any financial commitments. How much do they require for the initial deposit? Is the amount justifiable? Will they issue you an official receipt with a company letterhead printed on it? And if the receipt is traceable in case anything goes south.
  4. Check The Company’s Profile Through ACRA
    Don’t hurry to sign the contract yet, check the company profile through ACRA to see if the company does exist or have they registered with ACRA. Generally, anyone who intends to carry out business in Singapore MUST register with ACRA, unless they are conducting it under their full name in NRIC. You could visit this link to check all ACRA-approved entities:
  5. Check If The Company Is Accredited With CaseTrust
    A company with conscience and values their customer’s rights would have registered themselves under CaseTrust. Be sure that even if frauds do happen, there’s always a government-authorised third party to help you resolve the issue. To consumers, CaseTrust is a mark of assurance.
  6. Check If The Company Has An In-house Installation Team
    If the flooring company you are about to engage with has their own in-house installation team, it probably means that they are very serious about their profession. Plus, it will save you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and enjoy the convenience of a consistent workflow.

Alternatively, we always welcome the public to seek our advice. We have been registered under CaseTrust since 2015 and has the largest in-house installation team across Singapore. Be a smart consumer with EVORICH. Know your rights today by contacting us through:

EVORICH R&D Building and FLAGSHIP Gallery: 16 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528873 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)
WhatsApp: +65 8795 2118


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