EVORICH Flooring’s “Vinyl Hospital” (II): Health Check For Your Health

As we have featured in last week’s article, we are also functioning as a “Vinyl Hospital” consisting of a team of professionals who will help you inspect, diagnose and check your failing vinyl floors for FREE.

Today, we would like to elaborate more on that concept of what it means to be a true “Vinyl Hospital”.

Our National Flooring Rescue Program starts off from the objective to serve local homeowners’ vinyl floors for free to relieve them from the additional financial burden while being able to enjoy safe floors. Apart from that, we also want to ensure that the floors they install in their homes are not only safe to step on, but also safe to inhale.

Not just your floors, we take care of your health too.

Almost all vinyl floors have a certain level of formaldehyde emission, an organic compound that can be found in most vinyl products. The off-putting gas from formaldehyde could lead to several worrying adverse health effects, including asthma and respiratory inflammatory. This is especially damaging to younger children if you have infants, kids or toddlers at home.

EVORICH Flooring’s star product – Evo HERF is famed and trusted by Singaporeans due to its insignificantly low formaldehyde emission rate with validations from authorised third parties such as the TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore.

To prove that our floorings are truly safe to use for years to come, Evo HERF was sent for 14 local tests to make sure that it is highly functional in every aspect. Other than the more commonly known tests like slip-resistant, toxicity and smoke production which we all pass, we have conducted other less common tests, including but not limited to dimensional stability after exposure to heat, residual indentation and colour fastness to artificial light.

Remember: What you pay is what you get.

Choose a flooring company that the nation trusts. While some small-scale flooring companies or manufacturers can show flooring certifications too, tests from them may not be as comprehensive as ours. Plus, we are a CaseTrust accredited company who cares for your benefits.

If you are determined to spend on good floors, why pay to flooring manufacturers with less than $ 1 million paid-up capital? Are their manufacturing system trustable? Did they have the resources required to produce a genuine product? When you end up with poorly-manufactured flooring, there will be consequences.

For your health, would you see a low-rated doctor or specialist?

Repair your vinyl and replace them with our Evo HERF that is confirmed safest by specs. If you have not done so, contact/visit us now to enjoy a truly safe home!

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