All About Versatility: evoDECK Can Be Used At These Places Too!

Did you know that our evoDECK is very versatile and can be used for multiple applications other than dressing up your balcony? Let’s look at some of the new ways of how we reimagine evoDECK here!

Viewing PlatformsFor viewing platforms that are directly exposed to outdoors and receive high human traffic, evoDECK makes a perfect solution as it is very durable and is manufactured with the highest construction quality.

ScreeningevoDECK can be used as the screening for your balcony. Rest assured that your outdoor oasis will be safely shielded from rain and other environmental particles under the protection of the robust evoDECK.

BridgesPerfectly tailored to cope with weather stresses, evoDECK is a good material for bridges too. With evoDECK, there is no need to worry about cracking, rotting or splintering when people are crossing the bridge; thus, providing enhanced safety.

PergolasevoDECK’s bespoke, realistic wood embossed design makes a good ornament for pergolas. Its impermeable layer will not allow irrigation water to soak through the decking board.

Post & RailevoDECK can be used as post and rail too following the shape of the shoreline. Wrapped in 360 degrees including the grooves, the wind and sea will not corrode the deck thanks to its guard polymer. Plus, it looks terrific!

BoardwalksevoDECK can be installed over wetlands or nature park while remaining uninfluenced. Visitors can have the best viewing experience by enjoying nature on a lovely long walk at the same time admiring evoDECK.

SignageLast but not least, evoDECK can be fabricated into signage too! Composed of capped polymer, it can withstand the test of time and has the convenience of never have to paint, sand or oil again so your signage is always readable.

Surprised by how versatile evoDECK can be? We do customised projects using evoDECK too! We will do our best to accommodate your unique requests regarding shape, landscape condition and dimension. With a little bit of creativity, we will make the experience as engaging as possible to nature. Contact us for initial discussions and request your FREE quote here:

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