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Trusted by Generations of Singaporeans

EVORICH® is Singapore’s mover and shaker of the floors, deck and walls industry. Profit is secondary to EVORICH® as a good brand must possess a conscience and it is definite that our floors must pass tests conducted in PSB TUV to ensure that certified vinyl floor does not degrade the indoor air quality we breathe in daily.

EVORICH® is the creator of Evo HERF®, commonly known as HERF which is trusted by generations of Singaporeans, enjoys first mover advantage in Singapore and is now spreading across Asia after becoming a National Flooring of Singapore in residential projects of Singaporean homes.

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Choosing the right flooring for your home is a crucial decision that impacts the aesthetics and the safety of your living space. One critical aspect

We give birth to VINYL, We Live LIFE, We share LIFE In a world where accessibility to education is paramount, EVORICH Flooring has taken a

Evorich is a proud flooring partner of the Miss Earth 2023 edition. This year’s event focuses on caring for the environment with a focus on

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