The Best Vinyl Floor For Your Indoor Exercises

Having more time in the house now? Don’t just lie down, this is the best time for you to exercise and move those hips. Transform your home with the best vinyl floor for indoor exercises and other recreational activities. Choose a sustainable and sturdy flooring not just for this time, but also the time when […]

How to Prevent Being Fraud by Dishonest Flooring Company

Prevention is always much safer and less of a hassle than restitution. When the fraud has already happened, things will become more complicated and there is no way to be sure that you will see the justice you deserve being implemented. With more than 400 flooring players in Singapore alone, it is even harder to […]

Marble Design Vinyl Floor vs. Real Marble Flooring – Which Is Better?

Marble, as an all-time timeless favourite, is used long throughout human history – its presence could be found across various categories such as fashion, accessories, architecture, and art. And it has made its way to home interiors too. People love marble for its elegance, unique veins and captivating beauty. Its attraction lies in the raw […]

Hacks To Choosing A Reliable Flooring Contractor

Once you have done choosing the perfect flooring for your home, it’s time to select a reliable flooring contractor to deliver the work for you in the most skilled and professional way. Without a doubt that it is a HUGE decision because you are relying on this party to install your new flooring for a […]

Benefits of Having an Authentic Evo HERF

Ten years have passed by and HERF remains the top pick in Singapore homeowners’ flooring choice. Created with high standards under high demand, “High End Resilient Flooring (HERF)” was named by EVORICH because of its high-end quality features compared to traditional vinyl and laminated floors. It is a revolutionary flooring designed by EVORICH’s local team who understands […]

The A to Z about Evo HERF – Literally!

Being the hotcake and the first High End Resilient Flooring in Singapore’s flooring industry, it is often that we receive a lot of enquiry for Evo HERF. To make the features of this beautiful flooring easier to understand, we have compiled a simple A to Z handbook just for you! Abrasion Resistant – Has high resistance […]