Marble Design Vinyl Floor vs. Real Marble Flooring – Which Is Better?

Marble, as an all-time timeless favourite, is used long throughout human history – its presence could be found across various categories such as fashion, accessories, architecture, and art. And it has made its way to home interiors too. People love marble for its elegance, unique veins and captivating beauty. Its attraction lies in the raw beauty that you could hardly get elsewhere.

Marbles can be used as flooring as well. When it comes to the material choices for a marble-look flooring, should you go for the “real thing” or its innovative, practical alternative — marble design vinyl instead?

Let’s have a look at some simple comparisons:

  1. Price: Real Marble Flooring Is Much More Expensive Than Marble Design VinylPrice, the most important factor of all. Real marble flooring is a pricier option because it is made of natural material. Now, we can enjoy marble at a very cost-effective way with vinyl floors of a marble finishing. Because it is made of vinyl, it does not cost as much as real marbles.Choose vinyl marble if you: want to save budget.
  2. Durability: Real Marble Cannot Withstand Heavy UsageDespite that they are stones, real marble could not withstand harsh usage because it is a relatively soft material. Make sure that the area that it will be installed is only subjected to very light traffic. Vinyl, however, is famed for its durability in heavy foot traffic.Choose vinyl marble if you: will be using the floor very often.
  3. Versatility: Real Marble Cannot Be Used To Floor The KitchenWhile it is pretty to see, marble flooring has its drawbacks. Due to its porous nature, real marble is very susceptible to liquid. Stains can easily occur on the surface. Although this problem can be addressed by putting sealants, even the quality sealants will wear out over time.Choose vinyl marble if you: like a delightful kitchen.
  4. Scratches: Real Marble Is Very Prone To ScratchesMarble can be scratched, scraped and chipped very easily if used under the wrong condition. Hairline cracks and chips would occur very easily. What’s more, the defects would be hard to hide and it is costly to reapply the broken piece.Choose vinyl marble if you: don’t like scratches and cracks on the floor.
  5. Hard Underfoot: Real Marble Is Not Comfortable To Walk OnReal marble has a harder underfoot and it is not always comfortable to walk on. Marble is not a suitable flooring material for homes with elderlies and young children as it heightens the chances of slipping accidents. Plus, fragile objects will most likely break if you accidentally drop them on the floor.Choose vinyl marble if you: like a comfortable underfoot.
  6. Heaviness: Real Marble Is Very Heavy Compare To VinylReal marble is very heavy, thus adding challenge to the installation process. Installers who are not skilful enough will find themselves generating a lot of marble wastage during the installation process. Vinyl, on the contrary, is very light in weight. Advanced vinyl floors even come with the clickable system.Choose vinyl marble if you: like the convenience of a lightweight flooring.
  7. High MaintenanceReal marble would require regular sealing to make sure it is functioning well. Plus, homeowners will need to choose from specific cleaners that are non-acidic so it won’t damage the floor. Since marble’s origin is sedimentary limestone, its pH content will have a chemical reaction when coming in contact with acidic substances.Choose vinyl marble if you: want to save on maintenance fee.

Think carefully before investing in marbles. Or, have the best of both worlds without compromising anything by choosing EVORICH’s newest and latest White & Black Marble Floor Plank Series! Get the marble-look vinyl floors without the shortcomings of real marbles. It is lightweight, budget-friendly, easy to maintain, comes with a click-locking system, able to withstand heavy traffic, and can be installed in the wet areas at home!

Now available in both matte and semi-gloss design. Contact us now to get your FREE quote today!

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