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Benefits of Having an Authentic Evo HERF

Benefits of Having an Authentic Evo HERF

March 30, 2019
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Benefits of Having an Authentic Evo HERF

Ten years have passed by and HERF remains the top pick in Singapore homeowners’ flooring choice. Created with high standards under high demand, “High End Resilient Flooring (HERF)” was named by EVORICH because of its high-end quality features compared to traditional vinyl and laminated floors. It is a revolutionary flooring designed by EVORICH’s local team who understands Singaporean’s lifestyle needs the best.

When you come across various products in the market claiming to be the real HERF, remember that only authentic HERF can give you these 4 “trues”:

    1. True Value for Its Quality & Durability

      Evo HERF is equipped with the highly-regarded click-locking system so no glue adhesive would be required to stick the planks together to the ground. Only authentic High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) has the Ceramic Bead Technology with the “shimmering dots” coatings on the outer layer for enhanced wear resistance and improved durability. Spot the shimmering dots to know it’s real HERF!

    2. True Security with a Genuine HERF Warranty

      Transact with EVORICH’s official flooring specialists only to secure a genuine HERF warranty. Homeowners who have floored with counterfeit HERF products enjoy no right to the product and will have no protection to the replacement of the defective area. Register with our online warranty system to be more secure!

    3. True Protection for All Family Members

      Evo HERF is the safest plank in Singapore: it provides you with all-rounded protection to assure you that you and your family’s safety are in good hands. Its high skid resistance property reduces slip accidents at home to the barest minimum. On top of that, its low chemical emission rate ensures that your indoor air is safe to inhale and has very little contribution to the harmful smoke particles if ever there was a fire outbreak.

    4. True Test Reports & Certificates Ensuring Product Integrity
      EVORICH’s product integrity is backed up by the product certifications from national accreditation councils such as Singapore Green Building Council and TUV SUD PSB in terms of frictional strength as well as TVOC, Formaldehyde, 4-Phenylcyclohexene and Total Phthalates emission. For an added peace of mind, verify with us if your interior designer is a registered flooring partner of EVORICH.

Trusted by generations of Singaporeans, Evo HERF has been serving satisfied homeowners since its establishment 10 years ago until now and many years to count. Visit our showroom or contact us to know the favourable rates for Evo HERF! Or, follow us on our official social media accounts to be aware of the latest news and announcements:



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