With More Than 400 Vinyl Flooring Companies in Singapore – How Do You Measure A Vinyl Floor’s Value?

When you are looking up for the safest vinyl for your home among more than 400 vinyl companies in Singapore, what factor influences your decision the greatest? Do you measure a vinyl floor’s performance or value purely based on price factor?

Saving a couple of pence could make a difference in the short run. However, sometimes price does not do justice or tell you everything about how much a vinyl floor plank is worth. Try logging in to acra.sg to check if the company you are about to engage with is at least 10 years in business. If not, how can you be sure that they will give you all the things you will need when it comes to the purchase of the foundation of your home: security in warranty, safe indoor air quality and happy, healthy life.

Although tiles could look the same on the outside, you should never overlook the difference on the inside. Let’s have a closer look at what kind of properties we have in our products that add to its value.

1. Largest In-house Legal Installation Team

EVORICH has the largest and only in-house installation team across Singapore so you could rest assure that the framework of the installation is firm and sturdy because we understand our products the best.

2. 14 Health-impact and Floor Performance Test

Studies show that people who are being exposed to home interior materials that contain high toxic substances could be damaging to health. We believe that the 14 tests we obtain will allow you to sleep snugly at night with peace of mind.

3. The Stability & Durability of Authentic Evo HERF

Only authentic Evo HERF will spare you the hassle of the widening gap and opening up on the short sides of the plank that often occurs in traditional vinyl. Equipped with the patented CLIC-Locking technology, it is designed to withstand heavy traffic environments and for easy installation.

4. 16 Years of Experience in The Trade

With a strong presence of 16 years in both domestic and overseas, EVORICH is no doubt the market leader in Singapore’s flooring industry. Our strong technology and resources allow us to continue developing cutting-edge products that are safe to use at home.

Anyone can afford cheap floors, but not everyone could afford the cost of life. It is the product integrity that makes the difference and why our planks are unique. At EVORICH, we give you a strong sense of security through our holistic warranty and a peace of mind that you are protected from a legit floor company for decades.

Bring any vinyl floor sample that you are concerned about its origins to our EVORICH R&D Lab, and we shall conduct FREE testing and demonstration for you on the spot!

Visit or contact us through the following means for more information in building a safe home:

EVORICH R&D Building and FLAGSHIP Gallery: 16 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528873 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)

WhatsApp: +65 8795 2118

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evorichflooring/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evorichflooring/


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