The Best Vinyl Floor For Your Indoor Exercises

Having more time in the house now? Don’t just lie down, this is the best time for you to exercise and move those hips. Transform your home with the best vinyl floor for indoor exercises and other recreational activities. Choose a sustainable and sturdy flooring not just for this time, but also the time when the crisis is over so you and your family could exercise safely at home.

Our Evo HERF collections have endless design options ideal for all types of fitness and recreational settings. These are practical yet comfortable choices for a living space.

Are you doing one of these exercises now?


Given that yoga is a type of exercise that you will have close contact with the floors, it is vital to choose a vinyl floor with a warm, comfortable surface. Evo HERF provides a much more satisfying experience as it is not as cold on the touch as marble or ceramic tiles do.
But if you like a marble or stone look, we have them in vinyl designs too! It is highly durable and inexpensive to install. A low impact flooring such as Evo HERF can also help reduce joint pain.


Whether you are a ballet dancer, street dance enthusiast or aerobic workout lover, Evo HERF sure makes those spinning or tip-toeing easier, and safer. Due to its high slip-resistant property and commercial grade wear layer, it is sturdy enough to be used as a foundation for dance studios.

Apart from that, vinyl floor also has the ability to dampen sound and vibration, making it a quieter option even when there are bigger movements on top. And it is odour-free and scratch-resistant!

Home Gym

If you have the luxury to transform a corner of your home into a home gym, then you will need a flooring that can stand up to the abuse of gym activities, as well as Pilates workout and Tabata training.

Say if you accidentally damage a certain area of your floor, you could easily replace it with a new plank instead of redoing the entire floor. Plus, you can easily wipe away your sweats as it is a breeze to maintain. Less time spent in cleaning & maintaining means more time using the floor for exercise and wellness!

Special Announcement: EVORICH Flooring is currently offering a special price-drop GRABFloors weekend deal and “HOME” (Home Organic Makeover Experience) flooring offer during this trial period. Lock-in today and have your floor transformed in an instant once the tighter measures are over. Let’s stay home and stay united. Stand strong with us!

Breathe certified air as you exercise. See our 14 local lab certificates before you commit to be sure. And remember, always ask the flooring contractor before deciding on the right material for your home because it needs to match the purpose and your lifestyle habits. Enquire now to enjoy our lowest price ever:

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