The A to Z about Evo HERF – Literally!

Being the hotcake and the first High End Resilient Flooring in Singapore’s flooring industry, it is often that we receive a lot of enquiry for Evo HERF. To make the features of this beautiful flooring easier to understand, we have compiled a simple A to Z handbook just for you!

Abrasion Resistant – Has high resistance against scratches and scrapes.

BTO – While waiting for the keys of the BTO flat to be handed over, lock-in the price for Evo HERF to secure the quotation.

Ceramic Bead Coating – Latest technology for enhanced protection of the wear layer.

DIY Concept Flooring – Position the 2 nearby planks, align the interlocking strips and lock them into place.

Emboss Register Finish – True touch wood feel with bevelled edges.

Formaldehyde – Certified under the E1 category, the floor has a very low formaldehyde emission rate and chemical content.

Green Label Product – Evo HERF is manufactured using virgin vinyl and recyclable materials through eco-friendly production methods.

Hollow Sound – Minimal hollow sound as the floorboard is constructed with high density and rests on the contour of the floor.

Impact Resistant – The toughness of the material allows it to withstand high volumes of stresses and brunt from daily usage and sudden impact.

Joy – Evo HERF makes your indoor living experience a more joyful and pleasant one.

Kitchen – Suitable to install in kitchen areas, restaurants, cafes and bars for its 100% waterproof feature and ability to withstand high traffic.

Low in Maintenance – Can be cleaned with a simple sweep and mop, saving you time and maintenance costs.

Manufacturer Warranty – 10-year light commercial warranty and Lifetime limited residential warranty.

Neater look – No profile or T-joints required.

Overlaying Installation System – The floor planks can be directly installed over existing flooring.

Pet-Friendly – It is an ideal flooring for pet-owning households as pet urines are easy to clean.

Quick Transformation – It usually takes just a few hours of installation.

Recyclable – Not only does the floor plank itself does not add waste to the environment, but it is also transferrable to a new location.

Slip Resistant – Certified for DIN 51130 standard, its hard wearing embossed surface ensures the flooring has little contribution factor to slip accidents.

Termite-Free – Since the floor is not constructed from wood, it is very unlikely to breed any dusty mites, termites or woodworms.

Uni-click Locking System – Evo HERF is equipped with the patented world class CLIC locking system for a simple and glue-less installation.

VOC Emission – Pass. The test result is 0.16 per sqm per hour after 168 hours while the criteria for Singapore Green Building Council is 0.25 under the same unit.

Waterproof – The floor does not swell or deform under the influence of water because it is made from pure virgin vinyl resin instead of real wood.

X Generation – Whether you are a generation X, generation Y or a millennial, we welcome every homeowner to enjoy the versatility of Evo HERF.

Youths – With its relatively long lifespan, it is a floor that can be passed on to the next generation.

Zeal – Evo HERF reignites your zeal of living with its aesthetic appeal and practical features.


Sentences and pointers are never enough to fully express the true beauty of Evo HERF. If you wish for a more professional and personal guide to understand Evo HERF’s versatility better, you could always reach out to us by the following means:


📱+65 8795 2118 (WhatsApp)

📍16 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528873 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)


Need more support? If you did not find an answer, do contact us for further help!

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