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Choosing the flooring for your home can be overwhelming. It starts with the type of flooring, colour and design that best suit for your furniture.

If we have to say one thing that 2020 has driven, it has been the concept of work from home. This new lifestyle breaks the

Furnishing a home from zero is an exciting process. And the key of a successful home makeover is how you artfully work from the bottom

Having more time in the house now? Don’t just lie down, this is the best time for you to exercise and move those hips. Transform

For some, toilet cleaning is associated with attracting good fortune and wealth. Even the smallest room in your home, the bathroom or toilet dry area,

Are you stressed about giving your home a makeover but don’t know where to start from? Sometimes an update on the floor could totally change

January 25th marks the start of Chinese New Year, and it is the time to get rid of the old things and greet the new.

Did you know the content or structure of your vinyl flooring well before purchasing? If not, are you aware of the toxicity level of the

Many people do not realize that the flooring they purchase may be embedded with chemical substances or will require the use of toxic elements found

Fire hazards at homes could be totally unexpected and most terrifying of all, deadly. Household fire accidents can lurk in any area of the house.