Do’s And Don’ts in Maintaining Your High End Resilient Flooring (HERF)

Choosing the flooring for your home can be overwhelming. It starts with the type of flooring, colour and design that best suit for your furniture. High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) is one of the easiest floor to maintain. Coming from its excellent benefits, you’ll never go wrong in choosing it. But after installation, homeowners must take some considerations on how to maintain HERF and make appearance lasts for a lifetime.

HERF is not made from wood, thus cleaning has been made more convenient for homeowners. Here are the options that homeowners may and may not consider in maintaining or cleaning their HERF.


  • Sweeping – A regular sweeping on the floor is important. Sweeping helps to clean the loose debris and dirt on the floor. Be detailed in cleaning the floor and be sure that you sweep off all the dirt from corners and under the appliances.
  • Vacuum – Another option aside from sweeping is vacuuming. For those who have allergies and skin asthmas to dusts, vacuuming is a great option.
  • Mopping / Scrubbing with Soft Cloth – After sweeping, mopping comes next. As HERF is not made from wood, it can be mopped/scrubbed with water or coupled with a small dose of light detergent.
  • If you have pets at home, it is advisable to clean your pet’s mess right away to avoid unnecessary smell and stain that may stay on the floor if left unattended for long hours.
  • Placing soft mats or cloth sheets under heavy furniture will prevent possible dents or sharp scratch marks on your flooring.


  • Do not use detergents with strong chemical components as this may damage the surface and affect the colour surface of your HERF.
  • Installing of HERF in an open area with no shield or roof can cause discolouration to your HERF after some time due to high exposure of water and sunlight.
  • Installing of HERF in the shower area is also not advisable as this area is most likely to be wet most of the time.
  • Varnishing and/or lacquering for HERF is a big no no! Using of wax must be avoided as it might blur the surfaces of your HERF.
  • It is best not to drag chairs other than computer roller chairs on the flooring. In this way, your flooring can last for a long period of time without visible scratch marks that caused flaw the appearance of the flooring.

HERF gives an elegant and modern view to one’s living space. It is always advisable to seek professional advice from a credible contractors and the sales flooring specialist as they serve as the excellent resources before, during, and after your flooring purchases. Maintaining a ‘good as new’ looking floor can be easy if you will add it as one of your daily habit.


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