5 Home Improvement Ideas for WFH Life

If we have to say one thing that 2020 has driven, it has been the concept of work from home. This new lifestyle breaks the mundane life of those who work in the office. While we are constantly doing work on the screen, you might still feel something lacking. The reason is simple –we are working in a different “office”, our home. To improve your work from home life, here are some helpful ideas that may be helpful.

An Interactive Touch Screen TV

An interactive touch screen TV can bring capability and flexibility for us to work at home. Swosh Interactive TV is such a kind that can immerse people into the digital world by its smooth performance of virtual meeting. The functions of the digital whiteboard and smart pen allow us to capture and share content instantly. Pair them with evoWALLS for a fast and quick interior transformation towards a luxurious high-tech feel to your home, as well as increase your productivity.

Smoothie blender for healthy recharge

Smoothie was not that popular until celebrities and models introduced them on the Internet. It went viral after people learned its characteristics of low calorie, high nutrition, and easy to make. A go-to blend can be apple, mint, and kiwi. Perhaps, a green smoothie is also worth choosing for those who aim to lose weight. Select your favourite fruits and blend them into a power-charged drink for the day!

A functional flooring goes a long way

The suitable floors that come with high performance can save you time and money on its maintenance. With Evo HERF, you can have wood design flooring right in your kitchen. Its high stain resistance allows you to handle most of the cooking mess and more time in indulging the sumptuous meal. That’s right, the fun and laughter that complements the classic wood-designed flooring for a harmonious vibe in your living space.

Segregate the working and living areas

Self-discipline is by far the most critical factor in your WFH success. Consider dividing the space between your work and entertainment area so that you can remove the tempting distractions that may lower your productivity. Change into your working clothes as it sets your mind in the right frame of thought when you begin your workday at home!

The aromatherapy for a sense of tranquillity

While working from home brings convenience, we understand that work tensions do occur since communication with your colleagues might not be as straightforward as before. The scent from the aromatherapy candle can help soothe the mind. Interestingly, vanilla and the lavender scent is said to be helpful to boost our creativity at work too!

Always remember, a tough day is not a tough life. Let’s work together and enjoy the simple treats of life that brighten our life. We hope you enjoy these tips, and stay tuned for our next article!

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