Spruce Your Floor Up: How To Prepare Your Home For A Lucky Chinese New Year

January 25th marks the start of Chinese New Year, and it is the time to get rid of the old things and greet the new. Decluttering and reducing the number of junks from last year can free up open space. After all the spring-cleaning, perhaps you could also start thinking of replacing the old household items to the new ones for a cheerful addition to your home all year round.

As a fresh start calls for fresh changes, here are some ways that you could usher in the good vibes through changes and give some decent upgrades that your home truly needs.

  1. Swap Your Defect Floors To Safe Evo HERFAlthough red is welcomed in Chinese New Year, blood, however, is not. It is not auspicious to have yourself, your family or your guests’ feet cut because you have a defect on your current flooring that you fail to fix. Nonetheless, it is preventable if you change your floors to the highly slip-resistant Evo HERF. Plus, the planks are secured tightly to each other due to its click-locking design so it wouldn’t break down easily. Similarly, you should change your decking to evoDECK too if problems start to surface on your old deck.
  2. Make Your Place Cosier With New FurnitureInvest in cosy, quality pieces of furniture are just as important as switching to a new vinyl floor that is comfortable to walk on. When you catch up with your long-reunited family members or long-time-no-see friends, sit comfortably on Teak & Barrel’s sofa, extendable dining table, or outdoor lounges. You might want to have a look at the stylish imported furniture they carry via the link below or in our showroom.You could browse or download the brochure here: https://www.lifeoutdoorliving.com/.
  3. Last-Minute New Year Shopping For Your HomewareIt is true that new year shopping is a long-observed tradition. Because purchasing new items symbolises welcoming new things and getting ready for a new start. In this case, shop for new homeware such as basin & bathroom accessories with our partner brand Tuscani Tapware. They provide sleek, modern-looking basin, tapware, showerhead, etc. that is sure to enhance the look of your home.
  4. Family Reunion Dinner Made MerrierChinese New Year eve’s family reunion dinner is the primary concern during this period in any household. The more people the merrier, and merriness will bring in good luck to the house. Prepare your luxurious home-made feast with good appearance, delicious taste and auspicious connotations in the modular kitchen by FIKS. This type of kitchen allows you to arrange your own kitchen layout, comes with unique drawer systems, and is space-saving.

Follow these steps and make your home blossom this spring season. If you are unsure of what kind of flooring or household items to look for, we could provide constructive insights that are sure to suit your interior. Happy advanced Chinese New Year and wishing you a good fortune ahead!

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