Interior Design Ideas: Vinyl Floor For Each Design Theme

Are you stressed about giving your home a makeover but don’t know where to start from? Sometimes an update on the floor could totally change the vibe. Don’t be stressed anymore as we will help you out with some piece of interior design ideas which we think would be beneficial.

If you are looking for a particular flooring design to complement the interior design style, here are some recommendations from our Evo HERF collection. We believe that these trends are set to take over in 2020. Let’s break it all down here:

Realistic & Modern Feel

Modern style homes often feature sleek accessories and simple colour palettes. To align with this feel, your choice of flooring must be polished and stylish too. Like:

Rustic, Urban & Industrial Feel

To achieve the industrial, rustic look, the flooring should have a sense of rawness in its designs. Check out these Evo HERF collections that would suit the design concept:

Scandinavian Feel

Scandinavian style is inspired by the simplicity of life demonstrated in Nordic countries. Its other common characteristics include all-white colour palette and natural elements like wood. These Evo HERF designs’ white-washed finishes will bring the Scandinavian look in your interior:

Traditional Feel

You might want a classic yet sumptuous look to achieve the traditional feel. In this case, choose the flooring that features dark, finished wood and rich colour palettes. You might consider the following Evo HERF design with depth and layer for a Traditional theme home:

Try pairing them yourself with our “Interactive Designer” so you could have a clear idea of what you want and help you imagine the final look:

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