Glue or Glue-less: Why is it so important?

Many people do not realize that the flooring they purchase may be embedded with chemical substances or will require the use of toxic elements found in unverified glues that will cause adverse health effects to the human body.

Fortunately, you are not one of them anymore after reading this article.

Every step you take matters

What you didn’t know is that flooring is a hidden underlying factor that could cause health hazards if chosen unwisely.

For starters, it is important to know how glue is connected to the installation process. Glue is a flooring adhesive that is used in glue down method to stick your floor planks together while installing. So, the thicker your floor planks are, the more glue will be required for the planks to stick close and tight.

Composite wood flooring products often use glue with resin to fuse the wood layers together. As time passes by and due to the heat passes on from the human body to the floor, the flooring adhesive that joins the planks together will gradually transform and emit health adverse pollutant to the indoor air. It releases toxic fumes that lead to the uncomfortable feelings to your eyes and will affect your respiratory system as well.

What is Formaldehyde and how HARMFUL it can be?

Once exposed under high levels of exposure for a prolonged period, worrying symptoms such as skin, eyes, nose and throat irritation may occur. If these symptoms were not treated immediately or seriously, it might even lead to cancer such as Leukemia, nose and throat cancer, along with other illnesses. Or even worse, death. Remember, always choose for products that have low to absolutely no formaldehyde emission.

So, what can you do?

Glues, paint, chalk, pesticides, detergents are other daily commodities that can contribute to the formaldehyde emission that pollutes your indoor air quality. Flooring, if settle for the inappropriate ones especially those uses glue during the production or installation, would account for a big part of the formaldehyde emission in your house. You can choose to lower the level of formaldehyde emission in your household. Or, you can opt for products with little or no formaldehyde emission at all.

You definitely do not want to put yourself and your family’s health at risk. Look for the flooring contractor that meets the basic safety standards for formaldehyde emission.

EVORICH® is the solution

EVORICH®’s product has ABSOLUTELY NO GLUE in the installation process. Certified under the Singapore Green Building Council’s chemical emission criteria, EVORICH® not just pass the Formaldehyde emission test, but also in TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), 4-Phenylcyclohexene, and Total Phthalates Emission tests either. What is more, our emissions are much lower than the standard requirement, giving you the safest vinyl flooring in Singapore.

The fact speaks for its own:

Singapore Green Building Council’s criteria: 0.02 mg per sqm/hour or less

EVORICH®’s result? < 0.01 mg per sqm/hour!

Now you know what to do, smart homeowners, only choose flooring products that are 100% glue-less, because the health of you and your family are too precious to be put at risk.


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