The Magical Effect Of Cleaning Your Toilet: Featuring Evo HERF & evoWALLS

For some, toilet cleaning is associated with attracting good fortune and wealth. Even the smallest room in your home, the bathroom or toilet dry area, is not negligible. It should be kept clean, well lit, well ventilated at all times and have mirrors.

Having a clean toilet is not just for the sake of attracting good luck, but also to practise clean hygiene at home for a liveable environment. In order to maintain a clean toilet, all that you need is not the strongest cleaning solution, but the very basic — easy to clean and maintain surface coverings for your toilet dry area. That being said, evoWALLS and Evo HERF!


The wide grout lines on ceramic tiles are more likely to accumulate dirt, which will make your toilet look unsightly very quickly. evoWALLS’ almost seamless brickwork joints, however, make it a breeze for you to maintain toilet cleanliness. Plus, it does not require any special cleaning detergent to wash it. A simple spray with the hose and multiple wipes will make your toilet sparkle like new.

We have multiple luxurious wall designs to make your toilet look instant worthy. If you want a speedy upgrade, evoWALLS can be directly overlaid on your existing wall surface with no hacking works required. And it could be done in one day!


The Singapore-designed Evo HERF is 100% waterproof and highly slip-resistant. A perfect floor covering for slippery and high moisture corners such as the toilet dry area, service yard, washroom, and fish tank. This means that you can do your regular cleaning at ease without worrying about water damage to the floor. Evo HERF does not require special cleaning products and is one of the easiest flooring types to clean. A sweep and mop will do the trick.

We have various designs and matching colours to go with evoWALLS. The installation process is fast and hassle-free, perfect for those who want to transform their home within a short period of time.

Scrub your toilet right away in the easiest way! Evo HERF and evoWALLS make a great pair to lessen your house chores and cleaning burden. The best part is, they could be installed in other places at your home too apart from the wet areas. You might notice a change after you start getting your toilet in order.

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