What Are You Breathing In: Oxygen or Poison?

Did you know the content or structure of your vinyl flooring well before purchasing? If not, are you aware of the toxicity level of the floor that lies around in your home?

We spend most of our lives indoors. Therefore, it is essential to place extra attention to indoor air pollution, especially for developing children who are more easily influenced by the conditions to which they are raised. This is because children are more vulnerable to chemicals than adults. Also, they are the ones who would have closer proximity to the floor.

Vinyl floorings are made up of processed and manmade materials, thus contain a certain level of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) that releases troubling chemical compounds. PVC is the technical name for the vinyl found in flooring materials. It can be a significant source of indoor air pollution and pose health risks to anyone who is exposed to them.

Irritation and breathing problems could occur in people who are exposed to uncertified floorings for a prolonged period of time, and it does not affect only the sensitive groups. They might experience adverse health effects or even worst, lifetime cancer risks from floorings with high formaldehyde levels.

Although it is impossible to erase all the PVC content in a vinyl floor product, there is certainly a way to lower the chemical concentration in it for a safer living — and that is the purpose of Evo HERF. It is a certified safe flooring with meagre emission rates in terms of common chemicals that can be found in vinyl floors. The test is conducted in local laboratory and issued by Singapore Green Building Council, an influential non-profit organisation that acts as Singapore’s representative on the World Green Building Council.

Evo HERF relieves your anxiety and gives you ultimate protection by shielding you and your family away from high TVOC, Formaldehyde, 4-Phenylcyclohexene and Total Phthalates emission.

There are some unauthorised flooring contractors or transient players who claim that their products are safe without even knowing the content of the floor nor showing convincing proof. But in EVORICH Flooring, we are willing to undergo stringent testing procedures just to make sure that the floor planks that ultimately reaches your home are safe to live with.

The important question is, what would you choose to breathe at home: oxygen or poison? Opt for Evo HERF so you could breathe healthier, starting from today!

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