EVORICH’s “HOME” Program 101: Mix & Match Vinyl Floor, Wall and Ceiling For A Home That Connects

Furnishing a home from zero is an exciting process. And the key of a successful home makeover is how you artfully work from the bottom (flooring), to the middle (wall) and then to the top (ceiling). Flooring is the foundation of a home. From there, you can gradually work wonders upwards. There are so many ways to upgrade your interior and make your house truly look, and feel, like home.
You will find the best home makeover deals here with EVORICH’s “Home Organic Makeover Experience” (HOME) Program. We seek to help you with the holistic transformation of your home.

Here’s what we have ready in store:

Evo HERF Vinyl Floor:
Evo HERF is the most recommended vinyl flooring in town. By complying with the safest standard and regulations, our flooring is a proud product of Singapore that has passed 14 stringent local lab tests. It has the best of vinyl floors: almost-ignorable low chemical emission, high protection slip resistance, 100% waterproof, and fire resistance. Currently, we have 14 colours for Evo HERF, 2 new natural stone mimic collections and other sister products.

evoWALLS has become increasingly fashionable in home settings due to its easy handling and installation. No hacking is required during the process and it could be installed in less than 1 day. We have classic series, long planks series and tile series with different dimensions for your preference. All in all, we have 30 colours/designs. It will make your walls look fantastic for years to come and we are sure that the results will amaze your friends, neighbours, customers, and relatives.

You might be surprised that you can decorate your ceiling too! Too often we leave it plain when there is so much room for imagination. Offering more palettes and patterns than traditional paint, evoCEILING is a unique way to adorn the 6th surface in your room. You can choose the same colour as the corresponding walls or go with something entirely different. Stylise your ceiling with evoCEILING now!

Other HOME Products you can consider:

“HOME” Program is a huge chain of networks with various home-related products. This also includes our notable evoDECK. Apart from these, we also have partner brands stationing in our premises providing quality outdoor furniture, swing chairs, extendable dining sets, modular kitchen, cabinets, kitchen countertops, customised wardrobes, and tapware.

Ready to learn more about EVORICH’s products? Our experts will help you create the perfect mix of flooring for you and your home! Keep up to date with the updates and trends in home décor by contacting us today:

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