5 Home Improvement Ideas for WFH Life

If we have to say one thing that 2020 has driven, it has been the concept of work from home. This new lifestyle breaks the mundane life of those who work in the office. While we are constantly doing work on the screen, you might still feel something lacking. The reason is simple –we are […]

The Reassurance At Unassured Times: How To Floor With Security

For months, Singapore has seen the sinister COVID-19 ravage countries and territories, infecting people and causing a great impact on the society, economy, as well as our daily lives. The last time DORSCON Orange was activated was when the H1N1 pandemic happened in 2009, about a decade ago. It was not until one year later […]

Fun & Fabulous Ideas For Your Digital Wallcovering Theme!

Flaunt your home with stunning digital wallcovering! It is a state-of-the-art technology that transfers your desired design, photo or artwork from the screen onto the wall. And it’s now gaining more and more popularity among Singapore homeowners. Digital wallcovering complements well with pretty much any interior design style. It transforms bland corners into walls full of […]

How to Prevent Being Fraud by Dishonest Flooring Company

Prevention is always much safer and less of a hassle than restitution. When the fraud has already happened, things will become more complicated and there is no way to be sure that you will see the justice you deserve being implemented. With more than 400 flooring players in Singapore alone, it is even harder to […]

evoWALLS, Digital Wallcovering & Green Walls — Which To Choose?

Looking for ways to give your interior a new look? As technology advances, Singaporeans nowadays are blessed with a bundle of choices to ornament their walls. However, with so many wall décors to choose from, which would be the most suitable one to maximise the potential of your walls? As the leading floors and wall specialists in […]