The Reassurance At Unassured Times: How To Floor With Security

For months, Singapore has seen the sinister COVID-19 ravage countries and territories, infecting people and causing a great impact on the society, economy, as well as our daily lives.

The last time DORSCON Orange was activated was when the H1N1 pandemic happened in 2009, about a decade ago. It was not until one year later the flu pandemic came to an end. And around the same period of time, the banking crisis in the United States and its ripple effects had caused the great recession that everyone would remember. And Singapore was among the first East Asian country to slip into recession. When Singapore was hit by SARS in 2003, the full-year economic growth was 4.5%. Regardless, the economy shrank 0.3% in the second quarter of that year.

However tough the situation was, EVORICH Flooring made it through and remains the national flooring icon in Singapore since its establishment in 2003. And now the company is facing another arduous challenge – a coronavirus-driven humanity crisis and global recession.

But this too shall pass, especially when we are living in a society where advanced medical science is readily available, easily accessible and maturely developed. The situation would not be so terrible compared to the yesteryears whereby science and medical treatment were not that advanced yet.

EVORICH Flooring has the essence that made the company resilient in times of crisis. Because the company’s products have passed 14 lab tests against harmful toxins, are certified green products, has their self-owned warehouses and bonded warehouse, etc. Most important of all, the company has a running paid-up capital that exceeds $1.8 million.

Checking up on the paid-up capital of the company that you are about to engage via with is the safest and most practical way to make a guaranteed purchase. In the time of this virus-induced financial crisis, companies with less than $1 million paid-up capital could close shop very easily.

What’s more, EVORICH Flooring is the only vinyl flooring company in Singapore that is accredited under CaseTrust, giving her consumers the secure that other floor companies could not offer.

Good times are coming; it will be over. Don’t worry, be happy! Roll up your sleeves and get your home redo plans done in no time! Engage with the recession-proof vinyl floor company in Singapore today and plan your HOME transformation ahead. EVORICH Flooring is providing e-consultation service and installation time slot reservation service after the CCB period.

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