Fun & Fabulous Ideas For Your Digital Wallcovering Theme!

Flaunt your home with stunning digital wallcovering! It is a state-of-the-art technology that transfers your desired design, photo or artwork from the screen onto the wall. And it’s now gaining more and more popularity among Singapore homeowners.

Digital wallcovering complements well with pretty much any interior design style. It transforms bland corners into walls full of art. Plus, there is no need for repeating patterns because it allows a single, high-resolution image to cover the entire wall.

If you are interested in putting up a digital wallcovering at home but not sure what to go for, here are some of the popular themes often requested by our clients for your reference:

A Special Photo
Choose an extra special photo from past memories such as family or wedding photos as the hallmark of your home décor. If you like a special background for the special photo, consult us as we can help you superimpose your pictures too!

Bring the beach, ocean or forest scenarios to be the centrepiece of a specific area in your home. It will help promote a relaxing and soothing vibe for your interior.

A Memorable Vacation Spot
Singapore is great, but there is somewhere you wish you could be at sometimes. If you have an affinity for a specific country, bring its signature landmark to your home by displaying it on your wall!

Pop Art
Digital wallcovering is not just about sceneries. Introduce a pop of colourful pop arts to liven up your walls.

World Map
Plan your next adventure with a wall of the world map at home. It is ideal for study room and children’s playroom. Both educational and fun!

Biblical and Motivating Quotes
Display the inspiring life quotes that strike you deep and hit you right in the feels. It is a way of manifesting your personality and beliefs too.

Floral, Marble Grains & 3D Patterns
Sometimes simple patterns speak louder than the complex ones. If you are fond of simplicity, try going for classic wall patterns like floral, marble grains and geometric.

We highly recommend digital wallcovering for your wall décor because it is easy to put up, and beautiful to look at. Apart from floors, decks and walls, our team is also experienced in digital printing production. We accept orders of most sizes. Design, superimposition and installation services available as well!

Contact us now and get a wall of imagination in just 3 simple steps:

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