evoWALLS, Digital Wallcovering & Green Walls — Which To Choose?

Looking for ways to give your interior a new look? As technology advances, Singaporeans nowadays are blessed with a bundle of choices to ornament their walls. However, with so many wall décors to choose from, which would be the most suitable one to maximise the potential of your walls?

As the leading floors and wall specialists in the industry, we have compiled a summary of some of the selected wall décors so you know which to choose. Break the norms of using standard ceramic tiles in your home today with these 3 modern wall surface choices!

evoWALLS Luxury Wall Tiles
Manufactured with pure virgin vinyl pulp, evoWALLS Luxury Wall Tiles is an innovative wall product that could be overlaid directly on most existing wall tiles. The holistic installation process is fuss-free and could be done within a day. evoWALLS comes in both long planks and tile series too to offer diversity and versatility. With its nearly seamless joints, dirt and stains will have a hard time harbouring on the surface, thus resulting in almost no grout lines.

Key Features: easy maintenance, 1-day installation, no hacking required, lightweight, time-saving, and waterproof
Suitable for: Kitchen, Bathroom & Common Living Area

Digital Wallcovering
Digital Wallcovering gives homeowners the freedom to select their own images to imprint on the wall. It is available in an extensive range of themes including forest, nature, proverbs, family photos, pop arts and even cartoon. Homeowners could provide photos for it to be superimposed to different backdrops too. Plus, it only requires 3 simple steps to achieve this beautiful wall décor in your home.

Key Features: high printing quality with fine details, customisable, full-height image, odourless, and no drying time required
Suitable for: Bedroom, Children’s Playroom & Common Living Area

Green Walls
Green Walls is the solution for busy individuals who don’t have the time to take care of real plants but still wish to have a splash of green in their homes. Having removed the hassle of keeping them alive, the need to water and exposure to sunlight, it is an alluring choice at a relatively lower maintenance cost. You could choose from the plain ones with no additional decoration or the ones with flowers and crypts for added interest.

Key Features: preserves the beauty of real plants, can be installed indoors & outdoors, safe for children and pets, minimal maintenance and insect-free
Suitable for: Balcony, Living Room & Common Living Area

Love to have the best of three worlds? Fortunately, we carry all the above wall décors! Contact us here and let our specialists give you our genuine piece of advice and the most satisfactory solution cater just for you!

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