All About Feng Shui & Good Luck – Ways To Decorate Your Home With Vinyl Floor And Other Furnishing

Feng Shui has long been practised by the Chinese. And now, more and more non-Chinese communities are also starting to believe in “the power of nature“.

Believe it or not, the theory of it is smart Feng Shui decorations can actually attract the energy of wealth and health into your space. A carefully-arranged layout may improve health, deliver a better quality of life, introduce more harmony to your relationships, and so on.

At times of uncertainties, good luck is what you need. Here are some ways to decorate your home with vinyl floor and other home furnishing items to bring in good “Qi” energy to your home:

Woody Vinyl Floor for Wood Elements

The wood element in Feng Shui symbolises health, vitality, prosperity, and natural growth. Apart from that, it also represents a new start. If you are thinking of changing or purchasing new flooring, Evo HERF’s wood-resembling design will make an ideal element to add to your home.See more wood-look designs here:

Green Walls for Greenery

If conditions do not allow you to have real plants at home, replicate the lush greenery of nature in your home with some artificial Green Walls. Greenery is an excellent wealth magnet.

Bonus Tips: Put them in the East, the Southeast and the South areas according to the “Bagua” of your home for even better luck attraction.

A Whole Wall of Image for Good Luck

If water fountain or plants are not practical options to place in your home, you can choose to put up an image of nature and water using our digital wall print technology. It is said that these images will, too, help express the desired quality of positive energy. It is a good way to enhance your indoor décor as well.

Simply follow these 3 steps with us to have them in your home:

Master these tips and make your house an auspicious environment to live in. For more consultations and genuine advice, feel free to connect with us via:

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