EVORICH’s TREND-SETTING evoWALLS Makes Your Dollar Wiser In Dressing Your Dream Home

In an era where the economy softens, you might be feeling the pinch in your wallet when making purchasing decisions. That is why we have customised options for your home improvement needs that help you save a ton!

Make Your Dollar Wiser

As an individual, some of us may or may not have experienced the impact of the economic slowdown already. However, life still goes on and every penny counts. Although saving is a virtue, there are certain living expenses you just can’t avoid, such as dressing up the walls of your dream home. The key is — how to spend your money wisely and efficiently.

No matter if we are or are not living in times of difficulties, the one thing for sure is we should NEVER compromise the quality of living.

evoWALLS Is The Solution

evoWALLS is an innovative wall product that serves as an alternative to overcome the shortcomings of traditional wall coverings. It lets Singapore homeowners have the best of both worlds with its value-for-money pricing, speedy installation within a day and easy maintenance.

evoWALLS is very versatile and can be installed in various areas such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room, toilet and bathroom area. For homeowners who are very particular in the dressing style of their homes, evoWALLS comes in more than 30 colours and designs with a stylish approach. Pretty and practicality all in one wall? This is how we define “NO compromises”.

Plus, evoWALLS gives homeowners a peace of mind as it is constructed by pure virgin vinyl pulp and uses eco-friendly adhesive to guarantee a safe home.

HOME Program Saves The Day

To make it even more affordable and readily accessible, evoWALLS is classified under the newly-launched “HOME” (Home Organic Makeover Experience) program by EVORICH Flooring.

It is a truly genuine offer that will help homeowners save big and save more, especially in a slow economy. By linking different partners’ homeware products and items all under one roof, we are able to offer premium-quality products at joint discounts so homeowners could easily dress up their dream homes within their desired budget.

Containers of evoWALLS are in EVORICH’s warehouse exclusively in Asia only. Indulge in the myriad benefits of EVORICH’s authentic HOME program by contacting/visiting us today!

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