The Flooring That Helps You Make It Out Alive During a Fire Hazard

Fire hazards at homes could be totally unexpected and most terrifying of all, deadly. Household fire accidents can lurk in any area of the house. Although it is impossible to reduce the possibility of these potential dangers to zero, there is still something you could do to prevent the likelihood of such events to arise and enhance the chance of survival of you and your family.

Some harmful air particles would be emitted during a fire hazard. To name but a few, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Dioxide, more commonly known as CO2, is a colourless gas that would lead to the traumatic feeling of suffocation and side effects of poisoning. The inhaler will have a hard time breathing due to the lack of oxygen. While Carbon Monoxide(CO), on the other hand, could cause long term illness after CO exposure such as brain damage. The most dangerous part is, we cannot see it, smell it or taste it.

If ever there was a fire disaster at home, smoke particles will rise up, and the sufferers will need to kneel down and crawl to the exit in which they will have direct contact with the floor surface.

EVORICH’s floorings are certified to have a low concentration of these harmful chemicals. Its contribution factor to Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide is very low when it is burnt which means that the residences which use EVORICH’s floorings as their underlayment will have a comparatively higher chance in escaping and survival.

It is also particularly crucial for the trapped persons inside the building to see their way out. Smoke particles such as Hydrogen Fluoride and Chloride will cause irritation to the eyes during a fire outbreak and cause blurred vision. Fortunately, the end result of EVORICH’s floor planks on the emission rate is much lower than the international standard. Also, it is fire resistant to reduce the spread of flames and smokes.

Investing in the right flooring could keep your home valueables safe from unwanted mishaps. Most important of all, help you and your family escape from the worst. Opt for the survival-enhancing flooring today for the safety of your home. Reach out to us through the following means for more information here!

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