EVORICH Founder: From A Goner to An Achiever in 16 Years

Looking back to EVORICH Flooring’s achievement for the past 16 years: A diverse product span ranging from floors, decks, walls, ceiling, clad to digital wall print; a glorious winner of some of the major corporate awards in Singapore, has the largest in-house installation team island-wide and global influence across 6 nations.

Neither did we foresee ourselves achieving thus far. But all of this would never have happened if it weren’t for the man that built EVORICH – Dennis Teo, the Group Managing Director of EVORICH Flooring.

“Seriously, it’s not easy to build a business” is what Dennis always remind of his employees. The ambitious man was born into a regular Singapore household, thus enjoy no privileges than other people. But it’s Dennis nature to always find ways to make it in life.

As life starts to seem quite settling when he worked as the General Manager of a local flooring company, an unexpected downhill of the company’s business performance hit and he was retrenched. Left with no choice and having no academic qualification, Dennis was compelled to start his own business with a modest capital of $30K.

And the challenges didn’t end there. In an interview initiated by Lian He Zao Bao, Dennis shared his experience and struggles to make the business thrive:

There are reasons behind every success. In Dennis’ case, knowing how to treat people well, getting the right product in, selling products with conscience, and people development are some of the critical elements in sustaining a business.


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