What Are the Benefits of Having Digital Wall Print as Your Backdrop?

As technology gets better as time passes by, things were never the same they were ten years ago. And the same philosophy takes effect on the way how Singaporeans nowadays enjoy their homes and celebrate their indoor reveries, especially the reimagination of the walls.

When digital wall print was just introduced into the market, it was initially for commercial branding and advertising purposes only. Now, it has gone a long way to residential houses for personal use and home enjoyment. Here are the reasons why homeowners switch to digital wall print:

1. Full of Choices & Free PlayDigital wall print has the greatest flexibility and customizability: It could be imprinted with the epitome of nature as well as the amplification of a family photo. Make a choice from an extensive range of themes such as forest, nature, religion, Christianity, abstract, 3D images, family photos, individual photos, cartoon or even your own design works.

2. SeamlessThe joint is seamless as it is not layered by repeated tiles or wallpaper, but a whole image imprinted on it. As such, everything is intact thus is less likely to warp. It helps save repairing, repainting or even maintenance cost in the long run while still look as good as new.

3. Speedy Turnaround TimeThe task of painting the wall itself already takes up a lot of time, waiting for the paint to dry is what that tests the patience even further. Digital wall print, on the other hand, has a relatively speedy turnaround time so homeowners could enjoy the area after a few hours of installation without sacrificing quality or aesthetic appeal.

4. DurabilityPaint can chip away over time; and tiles may crack after a certain period. This means that homeowners would need to repaint or repair the flaws whenever necessary otherwise the blemishes would be very obvious and unsightly. Digital wall print would be a hassle-free solution because it is more durable and has a longer indoor display performance if used under normal conditions.

EVORICH seeks to establish new standards using novel technology to deliver the best result out of them. Turn your walls into decorative pieces that provide dimension and depth with digital wall print today!


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