Top 5 Most Wanted Flooring in Singapore

Floors are the largest surface in a house and what that set the foundation for the entire look of the space. As today’s homeowners are becoming more particular of the aesthetic appeal of their homes, the choice for flooring material goes beyond monetary concerns but also includes how it balances their style and needs.

Thankfully, we have many variables that are readily available in the market to consider. When searching for floor surface covering, these are some of the flooring options that always appear on the list.

Based on our biased research, here are the “Top Five Most Wanted Flooring in Singapore”!

  1. Solid Wood Flooring
    Solid wood floor reflects one’s status and increases one’s property value tremendously. It is the real thing. Most people decorate their balconies or patios with solid wood which are suitable for outdoor decking. Such small decking area can add a touch of luxury and beauty to their homes.
  2. Natural Stone Flooring
    Every natural stone flooring is different from another because of its natural uniqueness. Natural stone lovers differ from wood lovers. They will invest heavily on rare and exotic stones flooring such as granite and marble flooring to furnish their homes. However, it gives a cold touch when one feels the surface of a stone floor.
  3. Luxurious Carpets
    Yes, this is not easy to maintain. The property owner needs to clean the carpets regularly. However, it still gives a touch of luxury to the home. Good carpets are made of fine raw materials and are created by mastery carpet weaving experts. Carpets can be used outdoors too, such as artificial grass carpets.
  4. Laminate Flooring
    Laminate flooring still has its own demand since its advent in the late seventies. Due to the mass production in the markets, laminate flooring has become more like a commodity than a luxury wants. This type of flooring is usually not waterproof and is often being mistaken with vinyl floor.
  5. High End Resilient Flooring
    High-End Resilient Flooring (HERF) is an improved vinyl flooring that helps to mitigate the shortfall found in laminate flooring. This vinyl floor gives the property owners a look and feel of wood flooring homes. Moreover, it is the solution to most of the problems wood floor or laminate floor has such as water leakage, termite attacks and floorboard warping.EVORICH Flooring develops “HERF” to meet the rising aspiration of homeowners who are not only searching for the convenience of maintenance that comes with vinyl flooring. Evo HERF has the look and feel of solid wood flooring, is very easy to clean compared to carpets and is 100% waterproof, unlike laminate flooring. It is also certified with 14 local tests and is a Singapore Green Building Product.We have now launched 2 very new distinctive series which are Grand Marble & Gigantic Stone. Both collections are designed to mimic natural stones on the surface layer, but it’s actually Evo HERF vinyl floor.

In conclusion, although we all know that flooring choice is very subjective to the individual, most important of all is to choose the one with the best quality so that you will feel safe all the time when using it at home.

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