Don’t Fall For Flooring Contractor Scams! The Dos and Don’ts In The Engagement Process

Whether big or small project, hiring a flooring contractor should be a careful decision so that you will not pay more than you should, it will not backfire, or you end up paying more money to rectify an installation work that is poorly done.

This article aims to share some important information to ensure that you are in a mutually beneficial and fair relationship with your floor contractor. Here are some heads-up for you to watch out when you are choosing one, especially if you are a first-timer.

  • Don’t be too specific about your budget
    Instead of a fixed number, tell your floor contractor an estimated range. If you tell a contractor that your budget is $2,000, some will purposely find a way to sum up their bid to $2,000. Of course, it is always recommended to compare prices online first so you know roughly where the rates would fall.
  • Only make the final payment when the job is completed
    It is never a wise move to pay your contractor the majority of the amount upfront before the work is fully delivered. They could end up not doing a good job or in worse cases, disappear with the money and leave your home renovation undone.
  • Be clear about your timeline
    Don’t tell a flooring contractor that you are not in a hurry. Even if you really aren’t, you should let them know a time range that you would expect the job to be done. Otherwise, your project will be classified as the lowest priority possible until you are fed up and irritated. Be sure to set dates and timelines.
  • Do not engage anyone illegally
    This is even more important in the law-abiding Singapore. Do not go for floor contractors that are not licensed just because they offer below-the-market price. After all, it’s you and your family who will be staying in the house. So make sure that the floor is installed in safe hands!
  • Do not settle an arrangement without it written down
    Always put your agreement with a flooring contractor in writing. The second best option is to have it typed out in text messages so everyone will be on the same page. A dishonest flooring company may pretend to forget what he had promised or they’ve simply forgotten. Either way, the job you expected won’t be delivered as anticipated.Not just because they are more recognisable (so they can’t just hit and run), but also because they are in the field long enough to know how to deal with all kinds of sudden emerging problems.

But oftentimes good quality, a low price and a fast turnaround time don’t come together as a package. At best you can only get two out of three, but rarely all of them.

Consumers are encouraged not to take price as the primary consideration but should contact firms with the best track record and references. They should be in the business for at least 3 years. Take your time to check contractors out to make sure they have a good reputation and do quality work, like EVORICH Flooring.

We have been supplying and installing floors for 17 years with thousands of projects each year. What’s more, we are the only vinyl flooring company in Singapore that would go the length to register with CaseTrust to ensure fair trading and that our customers’ rights are being protected. If anything goes wrong, you are guaranteed of a rightful third party to help you out in case there is a dispute. And of course, our products are sourced from the choicest material and have passed 14 Singapore lab tests to ensure your safety. The holistic project can be completed within days, even if the house is full of existing furniture.

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