The A to Z about evoDECK Outdoor Decking – Literally!

Speaking of evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking’s highly sought-after features, we could go a long way talking about it paragraph after paragraph. But let’s skip the whole chunk of words and make it short for you from a simple A to Z instead!


Abrasion Test – Result: Passed.

Balcony – It is suitable to install in many areas. Balcony is one.

Core – It is light, solid and is composed of coarse wood fibres for stronger dimensional stability.

Durability – 360 degrees capped composite materials for stronger durability.

Environmentally Friendly – It is produced under eco-friendly methods, thus saving tons of plastic waste.

Fade-resistant – The innovative formulation of the shield allows the colours to stay longer than the average decking in the market.

Gapping – Dedicated gaps are engraved between the planks to ensure no standing water on the floorboard and is supported by aluminium battens.

Human Traffic – The deck installation we did at Changi Airport is its embodiment in withstanding high human traffic.

Island-wide – We have evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking installation projects across the whole Singapore.

Joy – evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking makes your alfresco experience a more joyful and pleasant one.

Khaki Tan – Go through our colour swatches for evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking and try to spot this colour!

Low Maintenance – Stains would not stay on the board thanks to its guard polymer property.

Moisture Absorption Test – Passed under the test standard of ASTM D1037.

Natural Resources – No adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment are used.

Oiling – There is no need to paint, sand or oil the decking with its multichromatic colour formulation.

Polymer Guard Wear Layer – Provides protection against moisture, mould and mildew.

QUV Accelerated Weathering Test – The result for the test is Delta E < 4.0 after 3000 hours in the test chamber.

Recyclable Materials – 95% of evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking is made of recycled materials.

Splinter-free – It does not crack and is splinter-free.

Termite resistance – Let termites stay away from your decking and remain at where they should be instead.

UV resistance – There is no significant colour change to be detected after the QUV test.

Viewing platforms – Install them at viewing platforms and see how it transforms the area!

Wood Embossing – It has a realistic wood embossing resembling that of real timber.

X Generation- Although our clientele is mostly from Generation X, we welcome young homeowners to enjoy the versatility of evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking as well.

Yard – It is a beautiful piece of ornament for your backyard.

Zeal – evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking reignites your zeal for outdoor living with its aesthetically appealing and practical features.


We hope that you will understand more about evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking after the above short descriptions. But of course, the beauty and versatility of evoDECK WPC Outdoor Decking cannot be fully expressed in two words or three. You could always approach our decking specialists if you wish for more elaboration and explanation.


Need more support? If you did not find an answer, do contact us for further help!

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