Flooring Installation Facts: CLIC-Locking System vs. Glue Down Method

Selecting a luxury vinyl floor is the first step for your floor makeover. The question that comes next is, which installation method should you choose? There are basically two major options you can choose from on how to install your vinyl flooring – the CLIC-Locking system and the glue down installation method.

Glue down method, as the name suggests, requires the use of flooring adhesive to seal the vinyl to the subfloor. In this way, it makes sure that the planks are stick together firmly to the ground.

Flooring designed with click-and-lock technology is different with glue down method in the sense that it allows the planks to click together and lock in place to keep the floor secure and connected.

Let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons of the installation methods here:

1. The Feel of the Underfoot
Comparing to CLIC-Locking system, the underfoot of the floor using the glue down method feels more sturdy and is quieter due to the strong adhesive force of the glue. While on the other hand, floor planks structured with the patented CLIC-Locking system rests on the underlay and is not fixed to the subfloor.
However, after the tongue and groove joints are interlocked together, it forms one whole solid piece that is very heavy so it won’t slide around easily.

2. Cost
Glue down method is more difficult to install, and it is costly to do so. Not only does it require a team of professionals to do the installation, the adhesive alone already costs a good deal. Also, it is not an easy task to remove the floor planks that are glued to the floor as they are designed not to tear apart.

CLIC-Locking system, on the other hand, is less expensive and requires minimal installation time and labour cost. The flooring can be done within a day or two in a clean and hassle-free manner. What’s even better is, you can do the installation yourself! Ask for a guidebook, and you may start DIY your floor.

3. Health
The adhesive uses in glue down method can exude harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission to the human body, especially under prolonged, intense sunlight exposure. Inhaling the indoor air polluted with chemical emission on a long-term basis may lead to worrying side effects.

However, no glue or other flooring adhesives are required in the CLIC-Locking installation method as the planks are able to joint and interlock with each other at a designed angle and interface.

If you care for your health, look for EVORICH Flooring’s High End Resilient Flooring (Evo HERF)! It is patented with the innovative CLIC system for simple and glue-less installation so you can have a peace of mind that the air you breathe in every day is safe and toxic-free. What’s more, it is a green label product that cares for your health and environment.


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