2019 Floor Trend – A “Totally Biased” Prediction

It’s the new time of the year! A fresh start begins with a fresh-looking home. According to Chinese’s long-established myth and tradition, it is believed that replacing old stuff with new brings luck and prosperity to the house. New clothes, new shoes, new bed sheets…and of course, NEW FLOORING too!

If the flooring of your house is looking scratched and worn, perhaps there is no other time better than now to switch to a new one.

Not only is it an auspicious sign, modern Singapore homeowners could also take advantage of this occasion to catch up the trend of the flooring fashion. To make it more convenient for you, we have come out with a “totally biased” prediction which we think that these colours and designs will be the hit and highlight of 2019.

Evo HERF Series:

  1. Evo HERF – Natural Hickory

True to its name, Natural Hickory captures the distinguished grain resembling that of real hickory. The textures artfully interweave with each other to form a stunning surface for the plank. Experience a stroll in the woods within your very own house with this wood alike flooring.

  1. Evo HERF – Aspen Oak Black

The colour black would make your furniture looks even more outstanding comparing with brighter tone flooring. Also, it combines better with luxurious materials such as leather, velvet and gemstone in your house. Try to balance it off with lighter wall colours. Scroll down and see our recommendations for evoWALLS.

  1. Evo HERF – Amsterdam Light Tan

Amsterdam Light Tan is a full plank of beauty. Among all the vinyl floorings that are introduced, it is one of the best reflection of workmanship in paying tribute to nature’s work. That is, it carries the detail of millennium tree barks to give the interior a mellow sensation.

evoDECK Series:

  1. evoDECK – Galaxy Black

Being the material that would be exposed to the outside world for every day and night, it is the best colour choice for its ability in perfectly hiding away all the stains and dirt. Also, it would be hard to notice any colour fade. It gives off an “old-world” feel with a tasteful touch of dignity and confidence.

  1. evoDECK – Earth Brown

It is human nature to be in touch with nature. Earth Brown’s rich and sophisticated undertone instantly drag its experiencer to another foresty world within seconds. Its unparalleled beauty is an encouragement for you to spend more time on your alfresco area. Connect with the earth with this brownish colour this year!

evoWALLS Series:

  1. evoWALLS – Ivory White

A little bit off white, it is a refined mixture of white with a slight tint of yellow. Tailored for those who appreciate a more low-profile white and borrowing a little from the colour of sunshine, this could be the new wall colour to greet your new year guests.

  1. evoWALLS – Sail White

Sail White is the perfect hue for bathrooms where cleanliness and hygiene are especially emphasised. Bring that Scandinavian attempt to your wall and don’t be afraid to let your space shine.

If you like the colours and designs we introduce, you could request a sample or brochure from us anytime. But still, it is highly recommended to drop by our showroom and see the actual products or experiment them under different lighting for more accuracy.


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