The 4 Elements of Evo HERF: Health, Eco-Friendly, Resistance & Friendliness

Evo HERF is the true flooring that lasts for a decade. There is a myriad of quality features that enable HERF to have a strong presence in Singapore’s flooring market for ten years.

Although the long form for HERF is known as “High-End Resilient Flooring:, we thought that we could also explain and reinterpret Evo HERF this way:

  1. “H” – HealthEvo HERF and all of our products are designed bearing your safety and wellbeing in mind. This is the reason why we are always being innovative in inventing products that cover every aspect of your safety and living. Evo HERF is certified by Singapore’s reputable laboratory test centres to qualify in 4 harmful chemical emission rates that are most commonly found in floor products, making it the safest flooring to inhale. Let no toxic indoor air affect your health in the long run.
  2. “E” – Eco-FriendlyEvo HERF is a “head-to-toe” eco-friendly product from manufacturing to the finishing stage. It is constructed using environmentally-friendly production methods, and the selection of materials are sourced from pure virgin vinyl pulps as well as other recyclable materials. Over and above, the planks are also recyclable so as to minimise environmental waste.
  3. “R” – ResistanceBeing high scratch resistance, high slip resistance, termite resistant, fire-resistance and 100% waterproof, Evo HERF possesses all the virtues that take to keep its integrity and coherence in holding out against the potential damages from daily exposures. Look for our specialists for a demonstration of how Evo HERF’s condition remains unchanged even under fire burning, sudden shocks of dropping heavy objects and scratching of metal rods.
  4. “F” – FriendlinessEvo HERF is a friendly-to-all flooring. First of all, it is odour-free, abrasion resistant and easy to clean which makes it the best floor foundation for pet-owning households. Secondly, its low chemical concentration is so safe that your children can literally sleep on it the whole night. To top it all, the high slip resistant feature allows all family members, especially the elderlies, to have a firm grip underfoot so as to reduce home accidences to the minimum.

EVORICH cares for you and serves you with a heart. Evo HERF is the flooring that contains health, eco-friendly, resistance and friendliness all in one plank. And it has been in Singapore for 10 years this year!

We will be having an extended “Evo HERF 10 Years Anniversary Sales Event” this weekend (13th – 14th April 2019)! Look for us here for more information about the promotion:

EVORICH R&D Building/Gallery: 16 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528873 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)
WhatsApp: +65 8795 2118


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