Different Digital Wallcovering Sets Different Moods to Your Interior

Being the new emerging wallcovering solution, it is not surprising that digital wall print went viral as it offers ultimate flexibility and full customisability. Homeowners have the liberty to pick their favourite image to create the desired effect in a particular zone in their homes.

As different room serves different functions and has a connection with a person’s emotions, it is essential to source from relevant themes to inject the right vibes. A lovely accent wall could even be a good conversation starter!

Different digital wallcovering sets different moods to your interior. And here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Bedroom – Nature & Ocean Theme

For bedrooms, tranquillity should be emphasised. Natural sceneries and landscapes help promote a relaxing and restful vibe that contribute to deeper sleep. Whereas the image of oceans and seaside give off a sense of calm that will wash over your entire body with serenity. Thus, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment for the ideal sleep.

  1. Living Room – Family Photo & Skyline Theme

A living room would be so much livelier if a little thought is woven into the interior. Incorporating skyline or floral theme digital wall print will jazz up the place in no time. However, you should not forget personality and intimacy. Having a full wall to your family photo is a warm-hearted approach to memorise a specific moment with your beloved family members.

  1. Children’s Playroom – Animation & Animal Theme

Ah, the children’s playroom – a place where imagination and fancy are fully unleashed. It is natural to think that the children’s playroom should fill with fun and playful elements, including the backdrop. Light up your kids’ eyes with their favourite cartoon characters or bring the cute creatures from the animal kingdom to their walls. We are sure that the room will become their favourite place on the planet!

  1. Study Room – Texture & World Map & Quote Theme

It is important to stay concentrated and focus if you wish to be productive while working/studying in the study room. As such, it is better not to put in too many details that may cause distraction. Keep it clean, simple and neat. Textured walls would be a great option to go for. Alternatively, you could choose to imprint an inspiring quote to stay motivated or a world map to add sophistication.

Opting for the right theme could bring the best outcome out of your existing wall. Let your wall stand out from the rest in an instant and your interior never looks bare. Upon engaging with EVORICH, you could easily achieve that.

All you need to do is reach out to us here for the first-hand information about our digital wall print service!

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