evoWALLS vs. Traditional Wall Coverings

Over the years, the finished look on the walls has improved tremendously with great precision in details. Thus, evoWALLS is born to add subtle nuance or bold expression to your interior. Its high-performing properties including durability, low maintenance, easy installation, practicality and colourfast is a plus and upgrade of any existing floor covering options in the market.

So, what are the features that make evoWALLS so special? Perhaps this simple comparison will let you see the difference in an instant. Let’s probe into the details together!

  1. evoWALLS vs. Painted Walls
    Although wall painting is the most traditional and simple way to decorate one’s home, it has a higher chance of chipping off when the wall gets hit or damaged. Also, paints release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that is often accompanied with a disagreeable odour and can trigger severe health reactions to those who inhale them.evoWALLS, on the other hand, is treated with the latest ceramic bead technology in the coatings for enhanced resistance against wear and tear. To top it off, eco-friendly adhesive instead of glue is applied during the installation to safeguard homeowners’ physical soundness.
  2. evoWALLS vs. Ceramic Tiles
    Ceramic tiles are more prone to surface cracking when accidentally hit by heavy objects. And when it did happen, it could be quite messy and costly to have it removed and replaced with new tiles. Besides that, grout lines on ceramic tiles are more susceptible to trap dirt and stains, especially when exposed to high-use areas.As for evoWALLS, a simple mop is enough to maintain its beauty. The almost to absolute seamless brickwork joints help keep the interior visually clean at all times using only the minimum effort.
  3. evoWALLS vs. Wallpapers
    Preparation time is usually the deal breaker when it comes to wallpapers, especially when the walls already have an existing layer on it. It requires the removal of previous wallpaper or other wall coverings before applying the new ones. Aside from this, steam could soak through wallpaper, causing it to warp and peel off easily. This makes it a least favourable option in bathrooms, kitchens or any other high moisture areas.With evoWALLS, you can install it over existing wall tiles and the area could be enjoyed within a few hours after installation. It will not peel or deform even under areas that contain high water concentration such as kitchens and bathrooms.


evoWALLS is the ideal solution for homeowners who aspire a different approach to ornament their homes. It is easy to install, low in maintenance and comes with other excellent virtues. Also, it is available in a great variety of design, pattern and style to suit the various needs and preference of the individual.

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