Safe Vinyl Compliance Checklist – Did You Breathe Safe Today?

As you are researching for the safest vinyl to use at home, have you made sure that your vinyl floor supplier meets the below requirements?

Gives You More Secure in Warranty & Provides Safe Indoor Air Quality

Choose wisely among the 400++ Vinyl Floor Companies in Singapore — sometimes price does not do justice or tell you everything about how much a vinyl floor plank is worth. EVORICH Flooring will give you all the things you will need when it comes to the purchase of the foundation of your home: security in warranty, safe indoor air quality and a happy, healthy life.

Possesses a ROC Certificate with a Capital of $1.8M

EVORICH Flooring is registered with Singapore Registrar of Companies (ROC) and certified to be a legally operating local company in Singapore. With a financial stronghold of $ 1,800,000, rest assured that you are transacting with a company that has credibility, efficiency and stability. WE WORK WITH OUR TRUSTED CREDIBLE INTERIOR DESIGNERS AND CONTRACTORS GIVING YOU BACK TO BACK WARRANTY WHICH MEANS BUYING FROM TRUSTED EVORICH PARTNERS, YOUR WARRANTY IS SIMILAR TO BUYING FROM EVORICH.

Is the Largest Stockist in Asia

As the representative of Singapore’s flooring icon, EVORICH Flooring is Asia’s largest vinyl flooring stockist who possesses the largest flooring warehouse across Singapore to house all our physical stocks.

Uses Legal Workers Approved by MOM

We will make sure that our foreign workers from Bangladesh, China, Sabah, India and Malaysia live and work together in harmony. Most important of all, possess a valid work pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower. EVORICH’s certified installation team fulfils all legal requirements to assure you an affirmed and high standard level of installed work for our floors, decks and wall.

We work with Singapore’s Largest Vinyl Installation Team

EVORICH has the largest and only in-house installation team across Singapore so you could rest assure that the framework of the installation is firm and sturdy because we understand our products the best.

If your vinyl contractor does not meet the above requirements, don’t feel disappointed as we do meet the conditions and it’s never too late to change your mind!


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