Pros know it best: EVORICH’s Floor, Deck and Wall Products Explained

Since her establishment in the year of 2003, EVORICH has become Singapore’s leading flooring icon with the aim to fill the market needs for the safest and most reliable household name and commercial brand for pure virgin vinyl floor, deck and wall products.

As the proverb goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats”, EVORICH’s highly acclaimed products has attracted a lot of like-minded partners and growing customer loyalty which leads to her rapid expansion and ability to provide more diversified products for the mass to enjoy. Now, EVORICH has a remarkable collection of floor, deck and wall products with more than 100 colours and designs to choose from.

Here’s a nutshell of the current products we are carrying!


  • Evo HERF (Evo High End Resilient Flooring)

Evo HERF is the signature product and the original creation by EVORICH that enjoys trademark protection from Singapore’s recognised board committees. It has an excellent performance in waterproof, termite-proof and is odourless making it a child- and pet-friendly flooring.

Evo HERF is the safest floor in Singapore to breathe in with its low-level formaldehyde emission. Also, a floor covering so safe that children can lie down, roll over and play on it the whole day. You would be surprised at how it takes care of the elderlies’ safety — after all, it is the first and most important thing to save them from a severe fall with its high slip resistance. So, make sure you opt for the right one!


Succeeded with the virtues of Evo HERF, HERF HERRINGBONE offers multiple rectangular combinations to create a fanciful pattern including Single, Double and Triple Herringbone as well as Checker Block that stands out from traditional horizontal layouts. Its added CLIC-Locking technology renders the benefit of simple and no-glue installation for a cost-efficient underlayment. Any regular lifestyle will be elevated in an instant with a twist of standard that impresses the visitors.


HERF ISOCORE Planks & Tiles Series are embedded with Ultra-Fresh treatment that inhibits the growth of mould and mildew on the attached underlayment. Nobody wants these undesirable health-threatening germs at home, so the best policy is to eliminate the possibility in the first place.

Its augmented sound-mitigating layer is also a desirable element for a quiet underfoot. Sleep safe and sound every night even if your partner has a different sleep routine than yours.


  • evoDECK

evoDECK is made extra sturdy and durable with its advanced premium shield encasing all four sides of the plank to give its end-users the most robust layer that can withstand any weather conditions in tropical countries. Its capped wood plastic composite makes it all the more durable and long-lasting. evoDECK is the embodiment of the company’s commitment to environmental protection for it is made of 100% recyclable materials.

evoDECK’s long-lasting performance is recognised by the industry and is installed in Singapore’s leading premises such as the Sentosa Fire Station and Changi Airport. This reflects the durability and integrity of the materials used to create a performance guaranteed decking material that saves you on maintenance and care routine.


  • evoWALLS

evoWALLS is a unique alternative to wallpaper and other wall covering options. It can be easily overlaid on existing wall tiles for a hassle-free wall installation within 24 hours. The maintenance is effortless — a simple damp wiping is enough to make evoWALLS continues to sparkle.

Life’s simple pleasure is that easy. By eliminating the tedious cleaning process, household owners with evoWALLS are able to enjoy a more productive lifestyle and only focuses on the essential things in life.

On the whole, EVORICH’s long tradition of focusing on a consumer-centric solution by placing profit as secondary ensures continuous investment in safe and eco-friendly products that provide instant transformation to home living experience that is affordable for everyone.


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