Floor Quiz: Which EVORICH floor compatibles with you?

EVORICH’s diversified flooring products exceeding a notable figure of more than 100 colours and designs to choose from could be quite overwhelming for new floor pickers. All of our floor products are unique in their own way with added specific features. So, we have devised a simple and engaging test to help you identify the right EVORICH floor products for your home sweet home.

Let’s start the test here!

  • Are you a person who wakes up very easily at night?
  1.  I always sleep safe and sound even if my partner walks around at night.
  2. It depends. I won’t wake up if there are no big noises.
  3. No! I am easily awake, so the sleeping environment has to be very quiet.
  4. Not really. I am a deep sleeper.
  • Are you a person who has very high health and safety awareness?
  1. I always look online for evidence-based healthy tips or read health & safety magazines.
  2. My parents always remind me about that, so I think it is very important.
  3. I would feel very anxious when there are mould and mildew growing in my kitchen.
  4. I wouldn’t classify myself as a person with high health and safety awareness.
  • What is your topmost priority before you purchase something?
  1. Versatility and Safety.
  2. Packaging and Product Appearance.
  3. Cost-efficiency and Convenience.
  4. Authenticity and Naturality.
  • Are you a person who enjoys challenging the conventional and willing to try out new things?
  1. Thank you but no. I prefer to stick with something I am comfortable with.
  2. Hell ya!
  3. I don’t mind trying once in a while. But it could be terrifying.
  4. I like to return to nature and keep things simple.
  • Are you a person who enjoys doing house chores?
  1. Anything but that. I would buy products that are easy to maintain to save future troubles.
  2. I don’t mind, but it would be better if I don’t have to.
  3. I only know how to do simple sweep and mop.
  4. I enjoy doing house chores and see how my house gradually transforms into a shiny hall.

See your results:

Mostly 1s: Evo HERF

Congratulations! You are most compatible with Evo HERF. Evo HERF is the proud boast of EVORICH as it is originally designed and manufactured under the company’s name that enjoys trademark protection. Evo HERF passes the stringent chemical emission tests stipulated by Singapore Green Building Council under high standards with flying colours, making it the safest vinyl floor to breathe in Singapore.

Mostly 2s: HERF Herringbone

You are a match with HERF Herringbone! Resembling the skeleton of a herring fish, HERF Herringbone is the reimagination of the rigid rectangle shapes thus forming a seemingly broken zigzag pattern. Homeowners can even match 2-3 different HERF Herringbone colours in one single room to create a stunning interior and richer context for timeless beauty. Also, its added advanced CLIC-Locking technology renders the benefits of a quick and no-glue installation.


Wow, it’s a match! HERF ISOCORE must be the one floor you have been looking for. Treated with Ultra-Fresh Treatment, it provides all-rounded antimicrobial protection on both the floor tiles’ surface and the inner core of the planks. The antimicrobial treated foam underlayment imposes control over the lingering of unpleasant smells, stains and the degradation of the product for lasting freshness to your residence. Also, the pre-attached sound-mitigating underlayment reduces the transmission of sound for a noiseless underfoot.

Mostly 4s: Eco Solid Engineered Wood Flooring

EVORICH’s Eco Solid Engineered Wood Flooring series is a match made in heaven for those who fancy the sensation of real wood. Our engineered wood flooring is pressed and glued together in cross-ply patterns to give homeowners a dimensionally more stable floor with its 3.5 mm plank thickness. It renders a longer lifespan to the floor, and end users will be able to re-varnish the whole surface for multiple times. What’s more, it is coated with a generous 7 layer of Swedish brand BONA coating to enhance performance reliability.

Is the result what you expected?

Although most of our products feature the functions mentioned above, some are specifically designed to place extra emphasis on certain aspects. For example, if you have set your eyes on Evo HERF but wanted CLIC-Locking technology, it is also embedded in its versatile properties.

If you like the result you get and think that it is the best fit for your household, you are welcome to approach us to proceed with more details from our professional flooring team.


Need more support? If you did not find an answer, do contact us for further help!

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