Outdoor Decking Trend in Singapore

Sipping a cup of cappuccino while you read the morning papers in that cosy alfresco area at your apartment’s balcony is a trend that we are seeing now; homeowners, especially the younger generations, are looking for something more to enhance their home living and lifestyle. Decorating the balcony or outdoor area is considered one of the important things to do for starters.

“Well, we can confidently say that the outdoor decking trend is well on the rise today especially in Singapore; where we can see not only in landed homes but also in private condominiums, DBSS flats and new public apartments having a unique balcony or planter area in its individual apartment units.”

said Dennis Teo, Founder and Managing Director of Evorich Flooring Group.

Our lifestyle has changed. Many of us are looking for something more. We are looking for a living lifestyle that is comfortable, cool, and can make us feel better. And this gives us all the more reason to consider outdoor decking for our homes.

There are 3 common types of decking materials in Singapore: natural wood decking, plastic composite decking, and also Eco wood decking. Eco wood decking is seen to be riding on an increasing trend due to the fact that it is natural and more environmentally friendly.

“We will see more of a rising trend in both Eco wood decking and composite decking products in the next few years from now. This is because homeowners today are looking for something that requires less or little maintenance. Also, Singaporeans are becoming more environmentally conscious. Other than that, homeowners are also looking for finished decking products that have a reasonable period of warranty for their balcony decking too.”

said Mr Teo, envisioning the future trend of outdoor decking.


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