How To Enhance Hygiene Protection At Home With Health-Certified Evo HERF

With the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) now escalated to Orange, this means that the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, also known as the Wuhan coronavirus, is deemed as severe but has not spread widely and is being contained.

More precautionary measures have been introduced by the Singapore government to minimise the risk of the infection. Apart from that, there are more things you could do to fortify your home against the vicious coronavirus. As the DORSCON level may raise to RED anytime and we might spend more time at home, we strongly advise homeowners to upgrade their regular floor covering to health-certified Evo HERF to enhance the protection at home.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Lungs & Respiratory System ProtectionAs we all know that people who are infected will develop pneumonia-like symptoms such as fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, it is important not to stay in an environment that will worsen your lung’s situation. If unfortunately, you were to quarantine at home, you do not want to inhale more chemical emission from the floor 24/7.The good thing is, Evo HERF is supported by 14 local laboratory test results to testify that it is insignificantly low in TVOC, Formaldehyde, 4-Phenylcyclohexene and Phthalates emission.
  2. Easy To Perform Daily Cleaning RitualsAs the Ministry of Health (MOH) – Singapore has advised, it is better to maintain good personal hygiene than cure. Cleaning your home regularly, including the flooring, is a must. Flooring is among one of the dirtiest places at home, especially near the entrance – you never know what are the other “things” that could be coming home with you.Being smooth and seamless on the surface, Evo HERF does not capture dust, germs, debris or build-ups easily as most traditional floor covering would. It is a revolutionary floor solution that would make cleaning chores a whole lot easier and faster. A simple sweep and mop is all you need to keep your house clean.
  3. Safe & Sound FlooringIt is reported that vulnerable groups such as elderlies, infants, young children, and expectant mothers are more prone to virus infection. Are some of your family members under this category? That is all the more reason why you should switch to Evo HERF.It is safe to be used at home for the ones under your care as it is highly slip-resistant, so they could be adequately protected. On top of that, Evo HERF is also a Singapore Green Building Product, which means that it is manufactured under eco-friendly methods using nature-friendly materials. This suggests fresher air at home and a healthier living environment for your family members.

Friendly Reminder: Remember to wear a mask when you are going to medical centres or crowded places, wash your hands more often and most important of all, keep calm.

We are concerned about our customer’s health and safety, so let us help you stay safe at all times because EVORICH cares. Contact us and request for a FREE quote for Evo HERF now!

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