100% Realistic: Introducing Grand Marble & Gigantic Stone Vinyl Series

If you have an affinity for all things fancy and it happens that you are thinking of installing new vinyl floors, then you might be interested in getting a marble- or stone-look flooring that is one of a kind and extraordinary. But whether you are an HNWIs, PMEBs or currently leading a modest livelihood, we all face the same question: Is it really worth splurging money on real marbles?

Real marbles and stones are much pricier because it is sourced from natural materials. Due to its nature, they are more prone to acid, scratches easily, and have a slippery and cold surface. What’s more, their heaviness and fragility add challenges to installation work.

To cope with lifestyle and rising aesthetic demand of Singapore homeowners, EVORICH is proud to present Evo HERF – Grand Marble & Gigantic Stone series! These stone-look vinyl series are improved versions of the real thing.

Grand Marble

Inspired by one of the most beautiful and sought-after stones for centuries, Evo HERF – Grand Marble series capture real marble’s beautiful essence while exceeding its limitations. A practical alternative for those who aspire a marble look, without the marble price.

  • Grand feel
  • High aesthetic and resale value
  • Light-weight
  • Realistic and easy upkeep

Gigantic Stone

Timeless appeal, rustic veining and unique vinyl properties are the qualities that make Evo HERF – Gigantic Stone one of a kind. Not only is it a truthful representation of rock materials, but it also offers great stability and strength as suggested by its name.

  • Rustic look
  • Price-friendly and durable
  • 100% waterproof and easy replaceability
  • Slippage hazard minimised to the lowest risk

Evo HERF Grand Marble and Gigantic Stone series faithfully reproduce the look of marble and stone without the steep cost. And they are just as flattering as the real ones! Grand Marble and Gigantic Stone have all the virtues our High End Resilient Floor (HERF) possess and are safe to use in households for their insignificantly low formaldehyde emission and high slip-resistant features.

Between marble/stone vinyl that is more affordable plus easy to clean and real marble/stone that is both costly and hard to maintain? You know which to choose. Visit our showrooms or contact us to see the actual products for yourself!

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