How Green Wall Help Facilitates Your Commercial And Retail Business

Green walls can be a splendid addition to shop display and visual advertising for any business type — a beautiful piece of greenery in your commercial property will create an inviting, welcoming aesthetic for your clients and guests.

Natural grasses are undoubtedly beautiful, but they can be a hassle to maintain and after several heavy footsteps, it could be unsightly and messy to clean up. This is why you need an artificial turf like our green walls to help you cut the cost. Plus, it eliminates tedious lawn care tasks because the grass will always look its best. As water is no longer needed to maintain your landscape, you will see a higher ROI in your business after green wall is installed. (Your monthly PUB bill will be much lower!)

Your indoor and outdoor commercial areas can be enhanced with green walls. This is how it can be applied:

Business Environment, Office and Workplace

A well-maintained and manicured green wall will make your place of business looks more professional and clean, as well as giving your reception a more comfortable feel. But on the other hand, it also provides a soft touch to a rigid place.

Bar, Restaurant and Cafe

F&B and catering industry owners can consider adding some green walls to their décor. Green wall is proved popular in restaurants, bistros, cafes, and bars for introducing a unique and eye-catching fixture. An Instagram-worthy place will attract more diners too. It’s certainly a win-win.

Retail Shop, Outlet and Exhibition

Laying green wall at your retail shop, outlet or exhibition stand will, for sure, make more people stop by and notice your business from the crowd. They can be incorporated into door entrance, window arrangement and signage too.

Rooftop, Patio and Deck

Have a taste of the countryside within the city with our green wall. It looks almost identical to real grass. All our products come with very high durability, which means they are suitable for use in most types of weather conditions all year round.

Playground, Park and Sporting Field

Green wall is the ideal surface for playgrounds, parks, daycare facilities, community play areas, and sporting fields for its soft and durable surface. It will minimise friction and danger upon landing.

Our green wall is designed to blend in naturally with the surroundings so that you will never have to compromise the authentic feel of nature. Enjoy a luscious, maintenance-free green wall brought to by EVORICH with the least upkeep possible.

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