How Digital Wallcovering Has Better Advantages Over Traditional Wall Décor

Decorating is about surrounding yourselves with things that bring you pleasure; like family photos, cute ornaments or simply beautiful items. As a house is a secluded oasis where family members spend most of their time together, people are paying more attention to the decoration and detailing of their homes.

Digital Wallcovering has risen to be the new choice to decorate one’s home in view of the fact that it has better advantages over traditional wall solution. It is a photo, artwork or graphic imprinted and applied directly onto the wall or other permanent surfaces.

Here are some of the reasons why progressive Singapore homeowners love to have digital wallcovering in their homes:

  • More Personal and More Interesting

Digital Wallcovering gives homeowners more choices for the images to put on their walls. They can put the photos of the important moments of their lives or graphics that display their interest and passion. Homeowners could even choose to superimpose their selected pictures with a different backdrop!

  • Uniqueness
    Unlike painting, Digital Wallcovering provides added visual interest, depth, texture and colour to any space. And given that the image of Digital Wallcovering is sourced from a massive photo database or provided by homeowners, it has more uniqueness than wallpaper that repeats the same pattern.
  • A Temporary Getaway Nook at Home
    Digital Wallcovering gives off an impression as a huge photo display without a frame — it’s like immersing yourself into the scenario. Displaying a wall with the portrait of beautiful beaches, forest or rivers allows you to create a sanctuary or a special spot at home.

Make a refreshing statement in your home by contacting us for more information about our digital wallcovering here. You only need to do 3 simple steps to achieve a beautiful wall at home!

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