A Flooring Expert’s Step-By-Step Handbook In Choosing The Right Floor

After you have passed the home hunting phase and finally gotten your keys, your problem doesn’t end here. Embarking on a renovation journey is not always an easy thing to do because you have to visualise everything from the largest element to the smallest detail before you start making execution. And flooring is of all one of the most significant decision.

Choosing the correct flooring for your home or property could be a very tedious search — we totally understand your struggles. To make things easier for you, we have come up with this list of questions to help you sort out your mind:

    1. Are You Planning to Install The Flooring in High Moisture Areas Such As The Kitchen And Service Yard?If yes, choose EVORICH’s Evo HERF series. Evo HERF is 100% waterproof and extremely easy to clean should you accidentally spill water on it. Its impermeable layer will not allow water to sip into the floorboard.

    2. Are You Sharing Your House With Pets?If yes, EVORICH’s Evo HERF series would be your best choice. Evo HERF is abrasion-resistant to prevent your furry friends’ claws from causing damage to your floor. Also, it is odour-free so smell and urine odour will not linger.

    3. Do You Have Children or Elderlies At Home That Requires Special Care?If yes, opt for EVORICH’s Evo HERF series. Evo HERF has passed the national standard and proven to be slip-resistance. It creates more traction between the feet and walking surface to reduce fall accidences at home, which children and elderlies are more prone to.

    4. Are You Concerned Of The Floor Emission In Your Home?If yes, EVORICH’s Evo HERF series is the right choice for you! One of the essential characteristics of Evo HERF is it has very low formaldehyde emission as well as other chemical class. Its low emission rate is testified by several nation testing laboratories, proving it to be a safe and healthy floor to live with every day.

If your condition complies with all of the above, then Evo HERF would be the perfect floor you are looking for as our floors are developed to take care of all aspects of your life.

Discover more unique features of our floors including termite-free, fire-resistant, environmental friendliness, the click-lockable feature and thick commercial-grade wear layer.

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